Friday, July 1, 2011

Let's make it an even dozen

I'm adding another 6 pack to the 6 pack of trade packages I posted a couple of days ago. The first 6 pack didn't elicit any comments, but that's not unusual. Trade posts are probably the least commented on posts around. I just hope some of those guys saw that I mentioned them.

1--Greg from Night Owl Cards 4/1/11

I'm pretty sure Greg posted something about Opening Day cards and I mentioned how my son likes anything presidential. He sent over a couple of these First Pitch cards and some assorted Rangers. Thanks Greg!

2--John from Pursuit of Red Sox 4/11/11

John and I've made a couple of Trans-Atlantic trades. He always sends a great assortment of cards like this Topps Total Brian Shouse. Topps, please...pretty please....bring back Topps Total! Please!!! Thanks for the cards John.

3--Nick from The Cardboard Dugout 5/6/11

Nick hasn't posted on his blog in awhile. I hope all is well with him. He sent over a stack of Gypsy Queen Rangers. As a matter of fact, I think these were the first GQ cards I got. Ian Kinsler has been a hot topic on the Rangers post game shows (radio version) lately. He has been on a pretty good tear lately. I hope the hot streak continues because the Rangers need it. Thanks for the cards Nick!

4--Sam from The Daily Dimwit 6/10/11

Sam and I have had a few trades lately. This GQ black mini Kinsler was what started our last deal. I'm sure Sam was happy to see his Astros win the third game of the Rangers/Astros series, but I'll gladly accept the Silver Boot this year. Thanks for the trade Sam!

5--David from "e rayhahn, e rayhahn" (No date)

David and I have made a few little trades and he always comes through with some good stuff. He's a Twins guy so we're both after Mauer cards, but he's more than willing to share cards like this Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion Rusty Greer. Rusty, like Michael Young, is one of my top 5 favorite Rangers of all-time. Thanks for the great lot of Rangers cards David!

6--Julie from Things are Funner Here (No date)

Julie sent some cards over in response to my 2011 Blaster team trade offer. I sent her the Phillies and she sent me some Rangers. Easy trade with a great trade partner. I picked this Elvis Andrus card to show because it's a play from last year's World Series. The Rangers didn't win the Series of course, but I still get a great feeling from the memory of going to Game 4. Thanks Julie!

That's all for this round. I don't think I have enough trade packages to make this into a full case of trades. Time will tell...

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