Thursday, July 21, 2011

Still need three, with a twist

I won't force you to look at the same Rangers Diamond Die Cut post again, but I only need three more Rangers to have the complete DDC team set.

My latest acquisition was this card:

Before I could cancel my other offers for Josh Hamilton, I received this card:

That's right, now I have two Josh Hamilton Die Cuts.

Never fear, I'm using Josh to further my own collection. I've got a number of offers out there packaging Josh together with other cards for Nolan Ryan. Other than Ryan, I only need Vladimir Guerrero and Adrian Beltre. I'm hoping to get the Ryan in short order so I can request shipping on the cards. I'd like to get the bulk of them in one shipment.

By the way, go check out a new blog Arbitrary Crap by Martyn. Martyn had a blog before, but this is the new one. You never know what might happen. I won an auto redemption from Martyn because no one else entered his contest (I did make a correct prediction, but my chances of winning were pretty good...)


  1. I've got Beltre but no other Rangers. I can send it your way for the Hamilton. That would help your collection and wouldn't hurt mine. LMK and we can exchange Diamond giveaway ID's and arrange the trade.

  2. I was able to trade a 1985 Dale Murphy for an Aaron Hill Die Cut, which I just flipped for a Yaz. I have a couple offers that include either a Beltre or Vlad. If you're interested I can take delivery on either of those and we can work something out. I'm still trying to work my way towards a Gwynn die cut as well, however.