Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Accepting applications for "Favorite Player"

Now that Michael Young is no longer a Ranger, the position of "My Favorite Ranger" is up for grabs.  It could have fallen to Josh Hamilton, but he had to go sign with the Angels and then say that those of us rooting for the Rangers "aren't really in a baseball town". 

Well Josh Hamilton, you can kiss my ass.  I was hoping you'd have a good season while the Angels fell on hard times and suffered numerous inexplicable losses, but now I hope you suck. 

Sorry, I got sidetracked by my new found disgust at Josh Hamilton for a second.   

I'm giving serious consideration to this guy:

David Murphy is going to get more regular playing time now that Hamilton is gone.  Last year he had 15 homers, 61 RBIs and hit .304 in 457 at bats.  He's never going to be a slugger, but he plays hard and takes advantage of what the pitchers give him.  He reminds me a bit of one of my former favorite Rangers, Rusty Greer. 

This card came to me recently from my good friend and trade partner Robert of $30 A Week Habit and the insanely titled Serial Numbered Insanity.  Thanks Robert. 


  1. You're welcome. I did receive the package that you sent my way as well...

    799 in the books!! Thank you

  2. Mike Olt.

    Make sure he's not going to be traded first.

    Speaking of trades....

  3. I feel your pain. I've been searching 12 years for a new favorite player after Tony Gwynn retired. I'm still looking and the prospects do not look good!

  4. Mitch Moreland, he went to MSU, same as Will Clark. Your other favorite player!

  5. Ian Kinsler is my favorite Ranger now that Napoli is gone. I like Holland as well, the guy is a character.

    I love how Hamilton I'd bagging on DFW for not being a baseball town now that he's playing in Orange County, under the shadow of Disneyland. I actually like the area, but a baseball town it is not.

  6. I'm in the same boat since Young Is gone. I like your Murphy choice but my 10 yr old daughter already has family dibs on him for favorite player and has since he got here. My wife claims Kins, oldest son Cruz and my other son likes Beltre. I'm the only one who needs to get a new player tee to wear to the games. Maybe if Kittenface can get a lock on center, I'll get a Gentry one.

  7. I know how you feel. It is even worse for me now since my favorite former Red Sox is playing for the yankees.

    There is nobody I really like on the team now either. I'm going to have to say Pappi is my favorite now but it is because of the lack of options. Maybe once the season starts I'll pick up a new favorite.

  8. You probably hate him at the moment, but he'll grow on you. AJ Pierzynski should be your new favorite player.

  9. Go with Derek Holland. He does a great Harry Carry impression.

  10. I've gone through a similar process with the D-Backs. My favorite was Brandon Webb, then he got injured. Then it was Justin Upton. Then he started acting weird and got traded. Now it's Paul Goldschmidt though and he should be here to stay for a while.