Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Taste the Rainbow

I was going through the randomness that is my collection and I came across an 800 count box full of non-Rangers.  It has my address on it and I think it was sent over as a part of someone clearing stuff out of their collection.  I don't know why, but I have it and I was thinking of doing some sort of giveaway with it. First, I wanted to sort through it and see what kind of goodies it held.

I ran across a rainbow of printing errors, courtesy of Topps.

These 1989 Rookies cards came with a little bonus streak of colored foil.  Steve Wilson has a green strip across his chest.  

Gregg Olson has a blue strip across his name.  

This is what the Gregg Olson is supposed to look like.  See, no foil strip anywhere.  I don't know how those could have gotten on the cards accidentally. 

Last, but not least is Mr. Bob Milacki.  He has a pinkish/purple/red strip across his name.  I know printing errors are fairly common, but these cards aren't supposed to have any foil on them so I don't understand how this one happened. 

Any ideas? 


  1. I thought that I remembered someone having a test sheet of foil rookies for sale on ebay. When I looked, there is a seller, Kruk Cards, that has a sheet of 1990 Rookies test foil cards for sale. The sheet looks like the Bob Milacki card above. This might answer your question. Putting a link to the item in their ebay store.

  2. Topps did some tests with foil stamping on this set - it's in the Standard Catalog I have at home. Kind of neat items to have!

  3. Never seen anything like these before. Very interesting!