Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Raising awareness before raising awareness was cool

In recent years, MLB has used Mother's Day to raise awareness for breast cancer by allowing players to wear pink.

Pink shoes, pink batting gloves, pink wristbands.

Pink everywhere.

Mike Laga was way ahead of the curve on this "awareness" thing.

Look at that amazing pink jersey.

Ok, I realize that jersey is an airbrush job, as is the cap. Laga was traded from Detroit to St. Louis in September of 1986 and Topps proceeded to airbrush him into his new duds. I didn't realize the Cards wore pink jerseys. I do know that until I started reading other people's blogs, I didn't pay enough attention to cards to recognize an airbrush job. The old me would have needed something like this to recognize one.

The new me isn't much more observant, but I do pay more attention to the fronts AND backs of cards.  See, you can learn something from the blogosphere. 

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  1. I'm with you. Before blogging I wouldn't have really noticed airbrushing.