Friday, February 22, 2013

Flipping me the Byrd

Some people can be such crybabies.  That guy should just grow up and realize that he's suffering from a first world problem that's not really a problem at all. 

I hope you noticed that the great AdamE of Thoughts and Sox posted yesterday after a couple of months off.  He also sent me a stack of cards in exchange for some of the Sox I pulled in my 2013 Topps blasters. 

In addition to a bunch of catchers, he sent this card. 

Take a look at the eyebrows on Ben Davis!  He doesn't even need shades like Pudge.  This is a 1995 Bowmans Best card. 

Here is another nice Pudge card of the golden variety.  This was back in the glory days of real foil stamping on the back and it's #1009/2003.  Betcha can't guess what year it's from?  Smartypants. 

Adam flipped me this nice Marlon Byrd too.  It's a 2010 Upper Deck autograph.  It's a good thing Upper Deck didn't show the Rangers logo on this card.  They could have gotten in trouble. 

Adam, thanks for the card.  It was nice to see you back on the blogroll. 


  1. I plan a couple different posts in the next couple weeks but I hope no one gets used to it because it probably won't last long.

  2. Sell that auto! He just hit a home run in the NLDS-No.2 vs.No.3 playoff-uh-thing.

  3. Adam definitely needs to post more often.

  4. I was sorry to see the Byrd leave Pittsburgh, he was definitely a spark that the Pirates needed in the lineup....