Wednesday, February 13, 2013

When it rains, it pours

The first wave of 2013 Topps Rangers have come rolling in and it's time to show them off. 

What, you expected some long winded expository piece on what I got?  It's 2 in the morning so you'll have to forgive me, I just want to look at pictures.

First up is a trio of blue Wally World parallels from the first package to arrive.  These come courtesy of Brian over at 30 Year Old Cardboard

No's Mark Lowe. 

Colby won't be back until mid-year, unless the rumors that he might be back in May are true. 

Love the old-school uniform.  Hate that he's a Phillie. 

The next batch come from The Daily Dimwit.  He sent over a mess of base Rangers plus a couple of inserts.

I don't get the Chasing History cards.  These things already happened so who's chasing what? 

Yu Chasing the Dream?  I don't know about Yu, but I'm chasing it. 

That's a scary look Yu is throwing down.  Enjoy it, because you'll be seeing it again in a minute. 

The third package to arrive was from Marcus at All the Way to the Backstop.  He did the 2013 Topps thing, plus some extras. 

I don't know that I've every seen any of these 1996 Fleer Excel cards.  Until now that is. 

Sweet Liquorfractor!  That is one sharp card.  Dipped in caramel. 

I warned you about this.  That's a pair of Yu minis. 

Last, but certainly not least in this show and tell, is the package from the one and only CG Boys.  That's Community Gum for the un-initiated. 

Topps somehow fit the larger than life persona of Nolan Ryan on a mini.  Crazy right?

The CG Boys sent over a quad-fecta of Target Red parallels including this Nifty Nefty. 

Hey look, it's a Darvish manu-patch!  Guess what?  I got another one in the mail today from another blogger!  Why can't I stop typing exclamation points!!?? 

Hey guys, thanks for the amazing Rangers.  I'll have yours in the mail on Friday.


  1. oops.. haven't sent my fantastic package yet. I just ain't that quick.

  2. Exclamation points!!!!!!

    I see you have the Moreland blue already. Rats, you move too fast.

    1. What you meant to say was I have one Moreland already. I could use another.

  3. Wow!!!! Your exclamation points are contagious!!!!