Thursday, February 14, 2013

Good Karma

I don't really believe in Karma.  I do know I've won a good number of blogosphere contests and I think it's because I hold, or held, a regular monthly contest.  The latest win comes via the great Jaybarkerfan's Junk.

Yay!  The Americanski has won the cards.  Go Amerika! 

Robert Twilightson...projectile vomit coming right up. 

Hey, let's eat turkey and spread our diseases to the Native Americans!  Winning!!

We the people...for the the people.   I think politicians have forgotten this country is about THE PEOPLE, not the politicians. 

Projecting power on your ass. 

The Greatest Generation.  Enough said.

I love these history cards.  Thanks Wes!


  1. Priceless and spot on commentary on the Historical Moment cards! We should be friends...

  2. Those Celebrity Predictors cards were a waste and I blame them for the downfall of Upper Deck!