Thursday, February 28, 2013

Green and Gold

This morning was all about red and now we're on to green and gold.  I should have saved these two posts for Christmas.  That would be a little too much of a delay even for me. 

If you've been reading my blog for very long you know I have pretty even hatred for three teams. 

1)  The Yankees because they demolished the Rangers in their first playoff appearances and because they're the Yankees.

2)  The Cardinals because they beat the Rangers in the 2011 World Series. 

3)  The Giants because they beat the Rangers in the 2010 World Series. 

Now, even though I despise those teams, I don't feel the same way about the bloggers that like them.  Case in point, Adam from ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession.  He and I have made a couple of really nice trades and he answered the call when I offered up my 2013 Topps inserts for Rangers. 

Here's a little gold action for you.

How can this not be one of the Out of Bounds SPs from this years' Topps?  Whatever, I'm glad to have it since the golds are so hard to come by this year. 

Here's a slightly crooked Emerald Colby Lewis.  The green doesn't go to well with the Rangers uniform colors, but it does look pretty sweet for the A's. 

Emerald Wins leaders.  David Price-I want to sign him.  Jered Weaver-ugghh.  Matt Harrison-let's win another 18 Matty!

Emerald Batting Average Leaders.  Miguel Cabrera-MVP, DUI.  Mike Trout-really, only how old?  Adrian Beltre-don't touch my head man!

Emerald Mitch Moreland.  I think Mitch could be in for a breakout season.  I hope so for the Rangers sake. 

Adam, thanks for the colorful Rangers.  I hope you enjoyed your package as much as I enjoyed this one!


  1. You tricked me... I thought this was going to be an Oakland A's post. ;-)

  2. Green and gold were my high school colors. Greenway Demons!

  3. Add white to the green and gold and you have my high school colors.

    The Lions of Monarch Park!