Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My favorite 2013 card so far...

Topps typically has a number of nice play at the plate cards and this year is no exception.  I don't have scans of all of them yet, but I've got a trio here, including my favorite card of the very fresh year. 

Zack Cozart is pretty clearly safe on this play.  The ball is visible just above the rim of the All-Star Rookie Cup.  It's very early in the morning as I write this so I'm not sure who the catcher is, but I can see he's wearing #9 on his shin guards.  Any ideas?  I like this card because you get the whole picture.  Catcher, runner and all.  Not all patp cards give you that much of the picture. 

Carlos Gonzalez is sliding, but all you get of the catcher is a part of the glove on the bottom left of the card.  CarGo is most likely safe since the catcher is playing back, but a wider angle would be nice.

The final scan in the trio is the emerald Mike Moustakas.  It looks like Mike ran around the catcher is will be safe sliding in ahead of the throw.  Is that Carlos Santana catching? 

I'll scan the other play at the plate cards as I run across them.  You know you want to see them here. 


  1. Moustakas hogged all the goof base cards this year. His Out of Bounds SP is also amazing.

    Have you seen Ben Zobrist's yet? I plan on writing a post on it. I like it that much.

  2. #9 for the Tigers last year was catcher Gerald Laird. Looks like a Tigers uni and the Reds played the Tigers in Cincinnati in early June. It appears to be a play from opening game of the series on June 8. In bottom of first with Cozart on third, Brandon Phillips grounds the ball between third and pitcher's mound. Cozart breaks for home, pitcher Rick Porcello throws wildly to the plate, Cozart scores and Porcello gets an error.

  3. Looks like drew butera on the moose card to me

  4. That Cozart card is pretty awesome!