Thursday, February 28, 2013

Seeing Red

I'm still upset the Rangers dumped Michael Young and the reasons they gave for doing it.  Turns out paying the bulk of his salary and THEN having to sign broken down Lance Berkman to play DH is going to end up costing them more money in the long run.  Never mind the fact that you dumped the FACE of the franchise to sign some grizzly old Astro/Cardinal. 

Speaking of Cardinals and red things, I got a great little package from my old bud Kerry at Cards on Cards.  Kerry and I are sort of in a "I send him a package every now and then, he sends me a package every now and then" kind of pattern.  It works out for both of us.

Ah, the Thrill.  (Just skip this part Night Owl.)  Look at all that Ranger red.  The name, the helmet, the fans in the background.  How about that sweet swing too.  Looks like he blasted a pop up to the pitcher.  Thats a 1997 Pinnacle card by the way.

Here we have the sorely missed (at least by me) Michael Young.  The 2005 Topps Finest has a nice red splash across the bottom. 

I don't shop at Target very often so I don't get many of their red parallels myself.  Kerry managed to get two I needed.  My favorite non-Ranger WAS Joe Mauer. 

My new favorite non-Ranger is Michael Young, although I don't think I'll be too excited to see him in a Phillies uniform.  I love the throw back uniform with the red border. 

I'm starting to get that baseball itch again.  Not the bad kind, I just want to see a game. 

Thanks for the sweet red Rangers (and Mauer) Kerry!


  1. Berkman was an Astro/YANKEE/Cardinal. So, two of the unholy trinity for you, lol!

  2. That's a great looking Clark card even if he probably did pop up.

  3. I don't suppose there will be a Dodger card of Michael Young -- although I haven't heard where he'll end up next year.