Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It takes a village

That title isn't accurate.  It really takes a Community.  As in Community Gum.  I've made a lot of friends amongst other bloggers and the CG Boys are no exception.  They've hooked me up more times than I can count. 

Back in November they busted two boxes of 2012 Topps Minis and I scored a whole mess of little Rangers.  I could show them all off, but I picked out my two favorites. 

What's better than a mini?  How about a mini play at the plate?  Sweet.  Speaking of play at the plate cards, I just saw that Gypsy Queen is featuring a "Collision at the Plate" series.  I'm already drooling. 

The CG Boys hit on one of the limited parallels.  This is Craig Gentry, #1/5.  That's an Ebay 1/1 baby!!!

Sorry about that Night Owl, I just had to do it.

If you haven't checked out Jon and Andy's blog, go to Community Gum and look over their wantlists.  They're good people.  Thanks guys!

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  1. I like the mini's set and the parallels are great!