Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bay Area Blaster

I returned a couple of things to Wally World for store credit and opted to buy yet another 2013 Topps blaster.  I think this one should have been sold out in the Bay Area. 

The patch belongs to the A's young phenom Yoenis Cespedes.  Wait, that implies that he owns the patch and he's never been within a 1000 miles of this thing. 

These gold parallels are harder to come by this year, but of course I pulled another Bay Area player.  It's a laugh "riot". 

How about a Bay Area SP?  It looks like Buster and that fan are about to get a little too frisky for a family blog like this one. I'm torn about this one.  Do I keep it for my catcher collection or send it to Arpsmith? 

It's not a Bay Area boy, but an Emerald Bryce Harper isn't too shabby.  I looked it up on Ebay and these are going anywhere from a couple of bucks to over $10. 

The blaster wasn't a total waste as I got two blue parallels I didn't already have.  Nathan was a decent add last season. 

Mike Olt better contribute this year.  Or else.  Or else I SAY!! 

Someone please tell me to stop wasting my money on this stuff.  Please. 


  1. Stop the insanity. Buy some vintage instead!

  2. Seems like a worthy blaster for $20. I'd be damn happy to last those. Damn happy.

  3. You ain't wasted money Posey SP & Harper parallel, make it valuable.

  4. Let me know what you decide, I will try and track down something nice for it if I have to. I could also use that Gold Theriot.

  5. Every blaster you buy is better than the ones I buy. Keep buying them bud.

  6. Hey B,
    Would love to trade for the Yoenis Cespedes to add to my Cuban collection let me know!

  7. Great blaster! That Cespedes looks sweet!