Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another one bites the dust

Due to the generosity of another blogger, I was able to redeem four more codes for the Topps Diamond Giveaway site. The first three didn't amount to much, but number four worked it's die cut magic.

I was happy to unlock this Yovani Gallardo die cut because it gave me some trade bait for one of the last three Ranges die cuts I still need.

I immediately made offers for the Adrian Beltre and Vladimir Guerrero die cuts. The next morning, I logged in to find this in my portfolio:

Another one bites the dust!

That just leaves the Vladdy and the Nolan Ryan on my die cut wantlist. I'm still working an offline deal for the Nolan so if I can get Vladdy, I might just be finished outside of picking up a Mauer for my player collection.


  1. Nice job! I just got my 5 Rangers in the mail yesterday, and they are really nice! . Still need to get Beltre. I won't even attempt the Ryan, and don't care if I get Vlad.

  2. Vlad was about the first keeper I landed, but haven't gotten a Beltre of my own yet. Trading is quite addictive.