Monday, August 1, 2011

Gint-A-Cuffs III: Packs 13-15

Alright, let's get this show on the road.

Points so far: 123 points

Pack 13

148 Sanya Richards (0 points)
88 David Ortiz (0 points)
226 Andre Ethier (0 points)
Wrong Dodger.

BHS-10 Ryan Howard Baseball Highlights Sketch (+3)

AGR-MY Michael Young Jersey relic (+10 X 1.2 favorite team multiplier = 12 points)
That's two hits for my favorite team! That's pretty lucky. I'm glad I didn't get three Red Sox hits like a couple other Cuffers did.

231 C.J. Wilson (+1 mini from my favorite team)
Great Ranger pack.

HH38 Andre Ethier Hometown Heroes (+1)
Wrong Dodger. Again.

Pack 13 total: 17 points
Through 13 packs: 140 points

Pack 14

108 Roy Oswalt (0 points)
139 Tim Howard (0 points)
Soccer dude.
73 Brandon Morrow (0 points)
This guy looked like a Hall of Famer against the Rangers yesterday in Toronto.
127 James Loney (0 points)
I'm tired of typing 0 points.
163 Ian Kennedy (0 points)

333 Carlos Lee (+2 SP)
I never in my whole life thought I'd be happy to see a Carlos Lee card in a pack.

SRU5 Step Right Up The Human Cannonball (+3)
I can't believe the first human cannonball was a 14 year old girl.

HH3 Brian Wilson Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack 14 total: 6 points
Through 14 packs: 146 points

Pack 15

32 Dirk Hayhurst (0 points)
This guy was a pitcher and an author, but he's dressed like a polka-dotted moose. I don't get it.
43 Jake LaMotta (0 points)
My dad would love this card.

259 Tim Hudson (+2 favorite player of Colbey from Cardboard Connections)

8 Alexei Ramirez
219 Johan Santana
252 Omar Infante

6 Micky Ward (+3 black bordered mini)
I haven't seen The Fighter yet. Should I?

HH58 Jimmy Rollins Hometown Heroes (+1)

Pack 15 total:6 points
Through 15 packs: 152 points

That's it for now. One more hit awaits. What are the odds it's a Ranger?


  1. This'll help you with the moose explanation:

  2. Man, that would suck to be one of those guys that only got Red Sox...oh wait...damn.

    I would also like to second the "see The Fighter" comment. Great movie.