Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vacation Contest Winner!

I recently had my first two successful TTM attempts with current Rangers.

C.J. Wilson signed both cards I sent.

Mitch Moreland also signed both cards I sent.

Being a novice TTMer, I didn't write down the the date I sent these, but Wilson's cards came back about a week or so after Moreland's. It was fun opening those envelopes and seeing these signed cards fall out. I really like the Heritage Moreland because it highlights one of the few good things that happened to the Rangers in the World Series last year.

Now on to the contest.

There were 37 entries in the contest to guess who signed for me and 10 people got one of the two players correct. I was a little surprised only one person guessed Mitch Moreland, but I'm not sure how well-known he is outside of Texas.

Here is your randomization video:

Congrats to Matt from Tenets of Wilson. Matt, send me your address and I'll get this package out to you.

Many thanks to everyone for entering the contest!


  1. You should have stopped at the beginning, when I was in first!!
    Congrats Matt, good job

  2. I sort of picked Wilson for the same reason people pick birthdays as lottery numbers, and it paid off. I'm off to the convenience store!

    Thanks, and hopefully I can do the prize justice in an upcoming post.