Monday, August 22, 2011

Looks like I've got some splanin' to do

It looks like my post from earlier today, "I Opened It", might have been a little confusing. Sorry I can't link to the post, but I'm doing this from my not so smart phone.

I realize after re-reading the post that using "dear reader" made it look like I was addressing you when I was actually trying to have a "conversation" with the reader.

I also couldn't link to the "It's Finally Here" post from last Friday so that might have been confusing.

I video'd the box "break" this morning with every intention of posting it this morning. Unfortunately, my wireless router crapped out sometime yesterday and I'm currently without internet access from home. Most of you know I do most of my posting ( or writing at least) from the office and I couldn't do the video there so I wanted to do it at home this morning. Thanks to the router, I'll have to lug the laptop to work tonight and load the video from there.

I didn't intend to tease you this morning, but I was just too excited not to put up something.

So here I am explaining this morning when I might just be reinforcing Captain Canuck's theory about getting more blog hits and comments. Again, not my purpose at this point, just a side affect of my sleepy post this morning.

After all, I like to bring happiness, sarcasm and occasional silliness to the 'sphere, not confusion. Oh yea, some baseball cards too.


  1. Sarcasm, ah yes, another free service!!

  2. I don't think I'll ever do the video thing. Posts like this scare me off.