Monday, August 22, 2011

I opened it

Dear reader: You opened what Mr. PATP?

Me: The box

Dear reader: What box?

Me: You know, the "it's finally here" box.

Dear reader: He's forgotten to take his medicine again. WHAT BOX YOU IDIOT!?!?

Me: Hehehe...I opened it. On video.

Dear impatient reader: Now I've had it! WHAT FREAKIN' BOX?

Me: You'll see tomorrow.

Dear impatient reader: Screw this jackass. How do I unfollow someone?


  1. I hate you, respectfully so, of course.

  2. At least you aren't dragging it out or anything...

  3. You lost me at the 2nd line...

    word verification: anger

  4. This better not be for lineage...

    It doesn't deserve that kind of suspense

  5. How to write a blog, by PATP.

    #1 How to increase your post count and get daily hits.