Thursday, August 18, 2011

A case of Rangers

I'm really on the fence with 2011 Lineage. I really like the '75 mini set, but the base cards are like a newborn baby. I'm almost afraid to touch them for fear of damaging them. Topps used the flimsiest card stock imaginable for the base cards.

I recently picked up the Rangers in the Community Gum Lineage Case Break. I'm not going to sugar coat it, I was hoping Jon and Andy would pull one of these bad boys for me:

I know it's the 1990 Topp design, but an on-card Nolan Ryan auto would be amazing no matter what card they used.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the Ryan auto. I did manage to get some other nice cards.

Aside from some of the 1952 autos, these '75 minis are probably the most popular cards in the set. I only managed to get one Ranger in the whole case. I really wouldn't mind putting together this entire set.

I also only managed one of the Diamond Anniversary shinies...Elvis Andrus.

The case did give up two of the sparkly Platinum Anniversary Rangers. This Hamilton and...

...this Nelson Cruz. I pulled a Michael Young sparkly out of a blaster so I have three of the Rangers so far.

I was really hoping to get some of the cloth Rangers. I only got one, but it was the best one to pull in my opinion.

Just as the case was almost finished, out popped this 1952 Matt Harrison auto. Sure it's a sticker, but I'm just glad to have one more marked off the team wantlist.

I ended up with 8 complete Rangers base sets. Spiff, Big D or Nap, let me know if you want one!

Speaking of wantlists, last night I finished sorting and checking off my entire Texas Rangers Upper Deck and Topps wantlists. I still need to finish Fleer, Donruss, Bowman and various other stuff, but having those two beasts finished is nice. I'll be posting them soon and trying to get back into some more trading.

Thanks to Jon and Andy for running a fun break!


  1. a buddy of mine pulled a '75 mini of Nolan last night at the shop... but I couldn't trade for it... sorry.

  2. Yeah, save one of the team sets for me and we can work it into our trade (if and when). Thanks!

  3. Thanks for joining up (and sitting through the entire video..) Sorry the Rangers weren't loaded like the Yankees and Braves, but I'm glad you still had fun and got a couple decent things out of it.