Friday, August 19, 2011

A Day Late...

Yesterday was my birthday. I sometimes forget that I share a birthday with Roberto Clemente.

I bought myself a 2011 A&G blaster for my birthday. Hey, I know what I like so who better to pick out a gift for me than me?

I'm just going to show a couple of the "highlights" from the blaster. If you can call them highlights.

Anyone need a scan of this Aaron Hill code? Anyone even working on the code this year? Anyone....? Buellar....? Buellar...?

I also picked up this super duper amazingly rare mojoriffic black bordered Carlos Gonzalez mini.

You want to talk about taking the wind out of your sails, the first pack of the blaster coughed up this Russell Martin bat relic. It would great if he was still a Dodger, but he's Yankee now. Yech!

Oh well, that was pretty much it for the blaster. I did pull one more insert that inspired a post on it's own. I should get to that before too long. These cards are up for trade if anyone is interested.


  1. So down to trade for the Martin.

  2. You know what I want lol. Let me know if it is available.

  3. Greg--you got it.

    hiflew--already been in contact with you