Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I opened it-and here's the video

Let me apologize once again for the delay in getting this video up. I'm not going to do a lot of "talking" about it now. I'll just let you watch it and I'm not sure what happened to the sound. It's just a bit off or at least it was when I watched it.

I'll get some pictures posted later.


  1. Wow, very cool! Funny that the ring company is Jostens. I remember their sales people in my high school cafeteria selling us class rings.

    It's a very cool collectible, but not sure what you do with it. Unless you've won a World Series or Super Bowl, I doubt you're going to want to wear it around. I'd say either display it with some of your other memorabilia (if you have a display), so be on the lookout on eBay to see what they are fetching and make a little cash. There is currently one on eBay at $305 with about 11 hours to go. Not bad.

  2. I'd be much happier with the pack of '79 baseball cards (many of which I opened in '79). But I suppose you can buy a bunch more cards selling that ring.

    I need the Dave Skaggs!

  3. Sell the ring and buy some vintage.

  4. I'm sure there is a way to finangle a few more posts out of this somehow....


    just kidding... Me, I'd probably sell it. But it does look snazzy if you had the right display for it...

  5. Sell. Unless you're attached to it.


  6. Very cool. I'd sell it though.

    2011 - 1952 = 60?


  7. Anyone saying sell is stupid. I was thinking more along the lines of the 2011 end of the year contest.

    Just kidding...maybe...

  8. I forgot to mention that anyone who wears a diamond ring on their pinky is a m-f'in P-I-M-P.

  9. That's awesome. I'll trade you ... um ... a replica 2010 Giants World Series champion ring given away at the stadium for that Topps ring! (Hey, just like Diamond Giveaway!)

    Seriously, that's a cool item. If I had it, I wouldn't sell it. I'd probably wear it to a card shop once just to flash it around, and then display it prominently in my collection. But if it's not something that matches your interest, sell it and use the dough to get what you like!

  10. Way cool! I had no idea you scored all 60 rings on the site, congrats. I would probably end up selling it after I showed it off at the LCS's by me.
    I can use the Swan/Guidry and the Angels team card if you are interested in trading them.