Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hot packs!

My air conditioner went out yesterday. It's 105 outside and 90 inside my house right now. It's too hot to sleep and too hot for anything else. Last night the inside temp never dropped below 85.

I've got another blaster of Lineage to post and all the packs are hot packs thanks to the A/C outage.

Seriously though, cards are the furthest thing from my mind at the moment. Hopefully that will change tomorrow when this gets fixed!


  1. I have a friend who lives in Japan, and due to the energy crisis they don't use their A/C. She spends her free time browsing shops and hanging out at 7-Eleven when it's too hot to hang around outdoors. Or you could spend the day at a place like Starbucks? Always a good place to get free air conditioning (well, $5/drink air conditioning)!

  2. I shouldn't complain really. The crisis in Japan and the people suffering without electricity or from other damage from Irene have it immeasurably worse. I'm just being a big baby.

  3. Speaking of being a big baby, I saw a news report yesterday that Hampton Roads, VA got 17 inches of rain as Hurricane Irene passed through. My first thought? That was more rain than I've gotten the entire year up here in OKC.