Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Don't Give Me That Look

I ordered the last of my Diamond Giveaway cards today.

I know.  That's the same look you're giving me right now.

I've been trying to consolidate what was left of my portfolio into 25 cards that I wanted to get delivered.  The problem is, no one gets on the site anymore except people trying to do what I was doing.  No one wants 15 cards for ONE 1969 Senators card.  So, I ordered the last batch, opted for the UPS shipping since it was cheaper and I'm done with it.

By the way, I didn't have these two cards in my portfolio.  After months of nothing but junk wax showing up on the Giveaway, Topps must be clearing out their inventory because the Transmogrifier has been hemorrhaging vintage cards for hours.  

If you've still got cards sitting in your Diamond Giveaway portfolio, the end is near so get them shipped asap!


  1. I finished my order last week. Got them today...all but for the 1960 Bob Gibson (the whole reason why I ordered the cards in the first place). The comments say it's been back ordered...why are they saying you have the card when they actually don't have it?