Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Swamped on arrival

I'm sure most of you know I just got back from a week at camp with my kids.  It was fun, but I'm still feeling the after effects.  I came back to find this waiting!

Ok, that's not really the pile of mail I had, but it felt like it.  I had 7 packages just begging to opened, which I happily obliged.  Now I need to find the time/energy to do some scanning and posting!

Why is it that you need a day off when you come back from vacation?

Posting my be a little thin around here while I try to get in the summer groove.  Unlike this guy, summer turns my schedule upside down and it's tougher to spend time on cards/blogging.

By the way, don't forget to enter Fuji's contest.  It's a great interactive way to get your blogging juices flowing.  Ok, that sounded gross.  Just go enter already!


  1. I would love to come home to that many packages of cards!

  2. I like coming home to mail like that as well. The wife? Not so much...

  3. Thanks for the plug... and best of luck!