Friday, June 22, 2012

What you talkin' about Willis?

On their own, these two Heritage stickers are just stickers.  However, side by side, they remind me of Different Strokes, one of my childhood "must-see" television programs.

Josh Hamilton portrays older brother Willis while Adrian Beltre, as younger brother Arnold, asks the famous question, what you talkin' 'bout Willis?  What can I say, it's late and my weekend is but 5 hours away.  (It's almost 2 AM as I write this.)

It's possible the question from Beltre has more to do with why Michael Young is at the center of this card when he actually only has the 3rd highest batting average.  This is the Chrome version, #35/1963.

These cards came from Smed over at Smed's Baseball Card Blog.    If you're a newish blogger or follower of the blogs, you need to work out a trade with Smed because being on Smed's good side will sometimes result in a completely unexpected, yet wonderful little package like the one I just showed you.

Thanks Smed (aka Scott).

I "rediscovered" this card in my stack yesterday.  It came over from Uncle Moe at My 2008 Topps Set Blog while I was at camp a few weeks ago.   

Someday soon I'll be organized enough to get caught up on my 2012 Rangers and see how many more of these Bronze parallels I need.

Thanks Uncle Moe!

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