Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Paying it forward--Schmidt happens

The future of this hobby is anything but certain.  The Toppsopoly is limiting creativity and design (in my opinion) and I don't think Topps has figured out how to draw younger collectors into the hobby.  I don't completely blame Topps for that because basic supply and demand dictates what they do.  The collectors with money, those over the age of 20 for the most part, will buy some Opening Day, but they're not buying cases and cases of the stuff.  Most kids can't afford to buy anything else unless they're hard working and have a job or they have parents who are generous enough to fund the habit.

I think it's up to us older collectors to get kids involved with cards.  I do everything I can to interest my older son in the hobby.  He loves it when he gets a Ranger "hit" for a good report card or as a special treat.  He's just one kid though.  The hobby won't survive if I just influence one kid so when the chance arose recently to help another kid who was interested in cards, I jumped at it.

Doug over at Baseball Cards, Sports and Life and his son attended a card show and little Doug (I'm sure that's not his real name) told dad he wanted a Pudge Rodriguez jersey card and he wanted to start a Pudge Rodriguez collection.  That's all I needed to hear.

I rounded up a stack of Pudge cards and sent them over to give his new collection a little boost.  I'm not saying everyone has to do stuff like this, but I think this is one way we can interest the video game generation in this hobby we all love so much.

Doug sent over a very generous thank you package.

I haven't checked what Doug sent against my want list yet, but he hooked me up with 1984 Topps, 1984 Fleer and 1980 Topps.

Buddy Bell was one of my two favorite Rangers as a kid.

Jim Sundberg was the other.

The Rangers just wrapped up a three game series with Houston (we needed that sweep!).  The Saturday game was a throwback uni day and they wore the 1986 uniforms.  The logo in the bottom right corner of this 1984 Fleer Jon Matlack card was painted on the field just behind the plate for the three game series.  I like retro days and seeing the older logos takes me back to a time when the worries of adult life were not even on my radar.  How do you feel about teams wearing the throwback unis?

Doug hit a little new...

...and a little old with this package.  These two cards couldn't be more different and I'm glad to have both in my collection.

Doug thanks for the great cards.  I'm sure I'll have some more Pudge cards for you before too long!


  1. i love throwback unis. i even like to see the ones that were ugly to me back then.

    good move on sending out those cards. well done.

  2. I like throwback uniforms. They are a nice change of pace and sometimes the older uniforms I liked better than the current ones. Even though I dig the "hometown" mentality of say the Mariners wearing Pilots or Nationals wearing Senators (or Homestead Grays) it is technically "wrong" they are different franchises the only thing connecting them is the city. [I am guilty of being a homie fan who loves the Nats to Senators connection even thought it technically nonexistent.]

    I don't think the Nationals have done a throwback game wearing the Expos uniforms (white the "clown" hats), but I think it might be appropriate this year. :D

  3. Where is that kid who wants Dodger cards!!!!!

  4. As much as it kills me (I'm a Cub fan), I send my little cousin in St. Louis a stack of Cardinal cards every month. Again, only one kid, but if we all bring one kid into the hobby it's a start.

  5. Like the throwback uniforms if they aren't overdone. Will have to take another look at your wantlists when I get moved and postage isn't an issue.