Friday, June 22, 2012

Most Wanted

It's funny how a player can go from "I'm waiting for the right opportunity" to "several teams are interested" to "most wanted" in just a few days or even hours.  Roy Oswalt fits into that category.  He was unsigned as a free agent after experiencing back issues last season.  As pitching rotations around baseball started sending starters to the disabled list, interest in Oswalt began to pick up.  The Rangers had interest all along, but were already "blessed" with too many starters.  Suddenly, Neftali is hurt and Feldman can't get a win.  Then Roy Halladay from the Phillies went on the DL and the Rangers decided it was time to get Oswalt before someone else did.  It turned out to be perfect timing.  Alexi Ogando and Derek Holland got hurt while Oswalt was trying to get into shape in the minors.

Roy Oswalt will make his Rangers debut tonight against the Colorado Rockies.  Here's hoping he has some of the old magic left in that arm of his.

Speaking of "most wanted", I recently got a "most wanted" card in the mail.  It wasn't a card I had mentioned before and it was a complete surprise.  The package came courtesy of Robert over at $30 a Week Habit.

This 2007 UD Masterpieces Hank Blalock jersey card is nice, but it was not the "most wanted".

This 2012 GQ Michael Young Bronze parallel was on my "gotta get one" list, but still wasn't the "most wanted".

I need a list for these Archives 3D cards because I want the whole set.

This is is.  I've wanted this card since I saw it on someone else's blog.  The 2012 Archives 1982 In Action cards only come 1:32 packs so they are a tough pull.  I'm glad to not even have to put this one on the want list.

Not that I'll have the 2012 wants on there anytime soon.

Thanks Robert.  I've got a package all ready for you!

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