Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I wouldn't buy it myself...

I bought a fair number of those 2012 Bowman Value Packs when they first came out.  I like the white borders and honestly, nothing else was grabbing my attention.  Nothing else except Topps Olympic cards, which my Wal-mart doesn't carry.  I'm still not a Bowman collector and  I don't care to collect most of the cards they put out that don't have a Ranger on it so I won't be buying any more.

I did get one of the Bowman rack packs for Father's Day.  It came from my MIL who hasn't bought me anything lately (because I asked her to save her $$).  I thanked her as always and hoped to beat the odds and pull at least one Ranger I needed.

Pack 1 of 3 gave me a Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper.  You may recognize the over the top eye black, but you can't read the name because the foil used for the names doesn't scan well.

If I had a money tree growing in my yard, I'd spend some of it buying up all the Silver Ice parallels I could find.  Unfortunately, I don't have a money tree so I'll be sending this to a Quarry for processing.

Pack 2 only had one card of any interest and it was perfect.  This gold parallel of Joe Mauer will go in with all my other Mauers.  Joe is back to his old hitting ways and has a .323 average so far this year.  His other numbers are down still, but that Twins team doesn't get too many guys on base.  Only two Twins are hitting over .300 and only six are above.250 for the season.  That's too bad as they are my second favorite team.

Pack 3 was a golden one for this Ranger collector.  Adrian Beltre seems happy to be in a good home too!

I'm ready for some Ginter...how about you?


  1. Awesome. I haven't gotten to see any 2012 Bowman in person. I can't wait to check out that Helton.

  2. The frequency of golds in Bowman throw me off. I think I have a card for my collection when I pull a gold and then realize I have it already.