Thursday, June 14, 2012

A tale of two parallels

Every once in a while, a parallel comes along that makes you stand up and take notice.  Bowman Silver Ice parallels definitely fit into that category.  It's unfortunate that Topps finally nailed a stunning parallel and it had to be in Bowman.  If it was in the Flagship product, I'd be chasing every single one of these.  As it is, I'll just be going after the Rangers.

My first Silver Ice parallel comes courtesy of Matt over at Once a Cub, Always a Cub.   If you have one of these, you know the scan doesn't do it justice.  If you don't have one...well, I can't help you.  You'll have to trust me that these are nice.  I have a feeling tracking down all the Rangers will be tough since I don't buy much Bowman at all.

For every great parallel, you get a whole slew of stinkers.  This Archives Golden Rainbow is a fine example. I see what Topps was trying to do here, but it's just too much.  I'll still be looking for any and all Rangers of course, but unlike the Silver Ice parallels, I have some of these to trade.

The package from Matt was one of the seven I had waiting for me when I returned from camp weekend.  I also had one from Marcus at All the Way to the Backstop.  Marcus sent over quite a variety of cards.

Frank Tanana looks like he misses his California Angels days.  Dig that cheap mesh cap.

I don't know about you, but I was taught to hit with BOTH hands on the bat.  Silly Julio.

This card is causing me some concern.  Roger McDowell is a Dodger so it doesn't fit in my team collection.  He's also a pitcher, so it doesn't really fit into my catcher collection.  Hmmm...

Here is yet another parallel from Bowman.  They don't overwhelm me, but it is my first card of the highly touted Leonys Martin.

Here is a parallel set I can get behind because I dig the American flag.  I know this isn't the American flag, it's the Domincan Republic flag.  That's Nelson Cruz for those of you (EVERYONE, Topps, EVERYONE!) that can't read the foil.  I need to get the other Rangers too.  These are sharp.

Thanks Matt and Marcus!


  1. Agreed. Those silver and red ice cards are nice.


  2. Wow, that Josh Hamilton card is fantastic!!