Monday, June 18, 2012

You need this card

Fuji asked.

This is my answer.

This is one of the all-time great play at the plate cards.   The 1977 Carlton Fisk holds a special place in my collection.  Fisk is one of the few non-Rangers I collect and the fact that it's a play at the plate is icing on the cake.  Fisk and Johnny Bench were two of the catchers I would pretend to be when we would play pick up games as kids.

I posted about this specific play here.  As of last night, 19 of these were available on for between 94 cents and $5.  Get 'em while they last!

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  1. That's one helluva card... thanks for sharing. I'll have to see if I own this card... if not I'll be heading over to COMC to pick one up.