Saturday, June 30, 2012

The July Contest...Part 2

If you didn't get to guess for yesterday's question, never fear, you can still go back one post and get your guess in the comments.

Today's question regarding my final shipment from the Diamond Giveaway is...

How many Texas Ranger/Washington Senators were included in my shipment of 25 cards?

Every correct guess will earn you one entry for the Ginterish prize!

Good luck.


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  2. I will go with half, 12.5 which i will round up to 13

  3. Hmmm I guess if you were able to trade a bunch it could be alot if not it's probably going to be a couple I hated this giveaway took to much time and most of what I pulled was crap OK enough chatter my number is:

  4. Contest closed! Thanks! I need one more exclamation!!