Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dr. Jekyll, Bruce Banner and Me

Some days the hobby and I are getting along famously, sort of like Dr. Jekyll and Bruce Banner when they're having good days.  Other days, I buy something like the Topps Series 2 Blasters I bought yesterday and I go bad ala Mr. Hyde or the Hulk.  I wasn't going to buy any Series 2 and just pick up the Rangers when and where I could (thanks in part to Community Gum).  I broke down and bought two blasters instead.  I really should get counseling.  Maybe some hypnosis will work to make the idea that buying my cards after someone else takes the depreciation hit stick in my brain.

I'll give you the blaster breakdown tomorrow...wait, where did everyone go?

Here are a few cards I picked up off the Blowout forum for less than the price of a blaster.  Proof that buying someone else's regret is a better deal.

These Sepia GQ minis were sort of lumped in as a bonus with the purchase.  That just means I got a good deal on them after buying the other two cards.

Clayton Kershaw #39/99.  This one is a little rough along the top edge.

David Wright, #42/99.  The National League East is like France.  I don't pay any attention to it unless something big happens.

Roy Halladay, #87/99.  What did I just say about the N.L. East?

These two cards were the ones I wanted.

2011 Topps Finest Alexi Ogando Dual Relic Stickerific auto, #211/499.  That's a terrible auto, on a sticker, incorporated on to a poorly designed card. I just had to have it!

This was the card I really wanted.  On-card, 2011 Marquee, #4/570.  Here's hoping Alexi comes back from the DL sooner rather than later.

As much as I like cherry picking and getting cards I want, I really want to start focusing a little more on vintage cards, kind of like Matt over at Number 5 Type Collection.  He's got a contest going right now and he's giving away some sweet cardboard.  Go get entered already.


  1. ogando's injury is frustrating - was putting up great numbers up till now...

  2. Nice pickups! Not sure if you're interested in it or not, but I've got an Ogando Tribute auto /99.

  3. Nice pickups! While I'm a bit indifferent towards this year's GQ set, I have to say that those sepia minis are really nice.

  4. Very nice cards! I agree on the ice cards. They are sharp.