Friday, January 16, 2015

Catchin' up with Wallet Elvis

For those of you not following the adventures of Wallet Elvis on Twitter @patpdude, I thought I'd give you a little update on what you've missed the past few days.

Saturday, we went to see American Sniper.  I've heard some detractors talk about Chris Kyle, saying he lied about some things after he was out of the Navy.  It all boils down to that guy was a bad ass American hero who prevented a lot of our boys from getting killed or wounded.  It was a great movie and don't tell anyone, but I snuck Elvis in without a ticket of his own.

Later we bought some gas and we are both really digging these prices.

Sunday, Elvis and I stocked up on goodies for the Cowboys-Packers playoff game.

After the game, I caught Elvis in the office tearing up Packers cards.  He was really pissed about that reversed call.  I mean really pissed.

Elvis was so pissed, he conned me into buying a football repack to find more Packers cards to tear up. Imagine his fury when we didn't find a single Packers card in the box.  I had to leave him alone for a while to cool off.

Earlier this week, Elvis found my stash of mailing envelopes.  These are all the ones I've received that are waiting to be recycled with outbound cards.

Finally, on Wednesday Elvis and I had a lunch meeting high above Dallas.  69 floors high to be exact.  The crazy thing is that I worked on this building back in the summer of 1984 with my dad.  He was in construction for over 45 years and it was two weeks of unloading and hanging sheetrock that led me to the understanding that I was not following in his footsteps.

Elvis is itching (that sounds gross) to get out and have some more adventures.  Check back to see what he does next.

I should have some follow up posts regarding the recent contest I held starting next week and I'll announce a winner on Friday.  Have a great weekend!

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