Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Where do you go when the Chipz are down?

Target of course.  You know why?

You really want to know why?

That's the "card" aisle at my Walmart, that's why.  If you look closely, the ONLY thing remotely sports card related is the Andrew Luck Panini sign.  Oh sure, there are a few top loaders and 9 pocket pages, but those must be for all the Yu Gi Oh cards.  What a load of C.R.A.P!

So, I showed off what I bought at Target the other day and here is the super exciting reveal!!!!

I bought one pack of Chipz because, well, because I'm stupid.  Buying baseball cards is a gamble and buying retail is like playing the slots. So why not buy some baseball card like poker chips?

Well, I lost again.  Three of my least favorite teams and a mystery Joey Votto reds chip.  I got super excited (or not) when I saw the black chip, but it's something like 1:4 packs so no big deal really.  If no one wants any of these, they'll find their way into trade packages and you'll be stuck with them!!! Hahahahahahaha.

I also bought one of those so-called Mega Boxes, which contained 5 packs of 2014 Topps Update and 2 whole packs of 2014 Chrome Update.  I probably owe Topps a little apology because I only found 6 packs in the box when I opened it and sent them a "really?" tweet.  Turns out, one of the packs fell on the floor between the seats (just being honest, I opened these in the parking lot).

I'll just give a you the highlights, such as they were, from each pack.

Pack 1 blew my mind a little bit.  There was a regular Yoenis Cespedes (for Boston) and an All-Star Home Run Derby Yoenis Cespedes (for Oakland) in the same pack.  Freaky!

Pack 2 had an Oscar Taveras rookie debut card, but that just makes me sad and baseball cards aren't supposed to do that.  I picked this Rougned Odor as the card of the pack, partly because he's a Ranger and partly because who doesn't love typing Rougned Odor?

Pack 3 had a Max Scherzer Power Players insert and a George Springer The Future is Now insert, but I chose the Mike Trout All-Star card because I'm hoping he'll one day be a Ranger (just not when he's 38).

Pack 4 had a Robbie Ross Jr. (Rangers) card, but how can you not love the way this Andrew McCutchen card just pops.  The colors are great and I'm pretty much a sucker for any kind of mini, die cut or not.

Pack 5, the mysteriously disappearing/reappearing pack had an Andrew Romine (Tigers) gold parallel #1596/2014, but I like the George Brett World Series Heroes card better.  I do like this insert set and my son pulled the Duke Snider card from a pack he got in his stocking on Christmas.  My wife, who detests baseball cards, even laughed because our dog's name is Duke.

The first pack of Chrome Update was foretelling Pedro's induction into the Hall of Fame.  Congrats to Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, Craig Biggio and that other guy...just kidding.  I know it's Randy Johnson.  

 I thought the last pack was nice to give me a Ranger (Nick Tepesch), a nice rookie (George Springer) and an even nicer rookie in this Masahiro Tanaka.  Unfortunately, this is a checklist.  Is that the only checklist to ever have a RC logo?  I'm sure someone out there will know.

That's it.  I'll share the contents of the Fairfield Repack box tomorrow.  I hope you'll come back to share in the excitement.  As much as you can get from a repack anyway.


  1. I'll trade for the chipz. Please email me at

  2. One of my two local Wal-marts is just as bad as your's. The other was getting close but they moved the card section and really revitalized it. It's getting a little bare now but I hope it will be well stocked once 2015 cards start hitting the shelves.

  3. you know, I wish they sold Chipz around here... I'd probably buy more than I should looking for Braves.
    Or I should say, former Braves with what they've done lately...