Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I can Plank, can you?

Sometimes, a package of cards will show up that just knocks you off your feet.  Maybe it's a boatload of vintage, maybe it's a ton of cards off your wantlists.  Or maybe, just maybe, it's a bunch of hits you weren't expecting.

Enter Bob Walk the Plank, better known as Matthew Scott.

Let's just get down to the pics so I can get on with thanking Mr. Scott.

Go mini or go home I always say.  Or never say.  Whatever.  The first hit up is a 2013 Topps Mini Elvis Andrus jersey.  I know it's just a white swatch and I know we're all over the "hits", but dammit, I'm a team collector, more than a little OCD and a completist.  I need them all!  Next to Elvis, who is definitely related to Wallet Elvis, is a 2007 Fleer Swing Kings Mark Teixeira jersey card.  Mark is one of the players that makes me rue the day I became a team collector, but that's a different post. One you'll be seeing soon.

The next row has my favorite All-Time Ranger, Michael Young.  Michael appears courtesy of the Greatness that is 2007 Masterpieces.  Next to Michael is former Ranger slugger and World Series goat, Nelson Cruz.  Nelson signed this lovely 2011 Allen and Ginter mini in blue.  That's swell.

Our last pairing of the evening is former Ranger Ian Kinsler in spectacular F/X glory and the amazingly low numbered, 20/25, Mitch Moreland Tier 1 auto.  That is awesome!!!

Mark, thanks so much for the unexpected goodies.  I don't know that I can repay that yet, but I'll be looking for you!


  1. Matt is most generous! What a sweet lot of cards! Michael Young is my all time fave Ranger and one of my all time fave players.

  2. Back in the mid 2000's when I would open a bunch of boxes I always seemed to pull a ton of Rangers. Guys like Michael Young and Hank Blalock would always show up. I think I've finally distributed most of them to either you or Spiff. Glad you liked them!