Friday, January 9, 2015

Repack War Time!

I'm going to use copious amounts of exclamation points in this post because the excitement is overwhelming!!!  You won't believe what I got in this repack!!!  When the final card is revealed, you'll be left with one question!!!  Why was he using so many exclamation points!?!?

Seriously, the repack wasn't technically a repack in my opinion.  It was a Fairfield box, but it was just 10 various packs of cards, not a bunch of random cards pulled from little Timmy's storage chest in the basement.  I will say I was fairly impressed that it wasn't two good packs on the front followed up by 8 packs of 1988 Donruss.  Well, there was that one pack of 1988 Donruss, but I'll let that slide.

Here are the combatants in today's Repack War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lovely box.

In this corner, we have the Left Side of the Box.  Weighing in at 5 packs, you get the following packs.  1988 Donruss, 2014 Opening Day, 2014 Update, 2014 Heritage and 2013 Allen and Ginter.

In this corner, we have the Right Side of the Box.  He's a deceptive competitor as he showed a 2004 Upper Deck Series 2 Pack on the front, but followed up with 4 Topps packs from 2014.  Two 2014 Series 2 packs, a pack of 2014 Series 1 and the crown jewel, 1 pack of 2014 Allen and Ginter.

Let's have a clean fight with no low blows (that's directed at you 2004 Upper Deck pack).

Round 1

Left Side Pack 1 2013 Allen and Ginter

Left Side comes out swinging with a "hit" right off the bat (or a jersey, such as it is).  Sure, it's only J.J. Hardy, but in a Repack War, a hit's a hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or something like that.

Right Side Pack 1 2004 Upper Deck Series 2

Right Side does a nice job of defending with a 2004 UD Famous Quotes Ted Williams.  No way a week Hardy relic is taking down a Naval Aviator who served in WWII and Korea.

Round 1 to Right Side.

Round 2

2014 Topps Heritage

Oh my!!!   Left side doesn't want to go another round!!  He comes out with a player collection favorite, Johnny Bench.  This may not last much longer!!!!  (Simulated excitement is sooo much fun. *Where is the sarcasm font*)

Right Side Pack 2 2014 Allen and Ginter

OMG!!!  (I'm not proud of that.)  Right side has knocked Left Side down with seconds to go in round 2!  A Jackie regular and a Clayton mini have double-teamed the Left Side to the floor!!  What is this, the WWF (it was WWF the last time I watched)!!??

Round 2 to Right Side.

Round 3

2014 Topps Update

Left Side was not happy with the double team from Right Side and led off Round 3 in similar fashion!  This stunning horizontal Yu Darvish was an uppercut followed up by this...

a round house to the brain pan in the form of a Yangervis Solarte image variation!!!  Boom!!!  (Just so you know, it's not THAT big a deal.  I mean, I'm super excited!!!)  By the way, no one will ever start a Yangervis Solarte-centric blog  because no one wants to try to type his name that much.

Right Side Pack 3 2014 Topps Series 1

Right Side didn't anticipate the double team payback and sent an unprepared 2014 Adam 1989 Mini to his near death.

Round 3 to Left Side.

Round 4

Left Side Pack 4 2014 Topps Opening Day

Left Side responds to winning Round 3 by limping out in Round 4. He doesn't even seem to be paying attention with this effort.  Holy cow, two of the three players on this card aren't even on the A's anymore!!

Right Side Pack 4 2014 Topps Series 2

Right Side doesn't seem to have much fight left in him.  The fact that this is a quasi play "near" the plate earns him the round, but just barely.

Round 4 to Right Side.

Right Side is leading 3 rounds to 1 so Left Side needs a knockout in the final Round to pull off the win.

Round 5

Left Side Pack 5 1988 Donruss

It appears Left Side knew he was behind with little chance to win.  He put up a valiant effort with a great shot of Kirby Puckett, but needs a miracle to win.  I'm guessing if Donruss had decided to serial number every card in it's 1988 print run, this would have been #128,987,879/1,000,000,000.  I don't have anything else to say here, but I need some gratuitous exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right Side Pack 5 2014 Topps Series 2

Oh my!! With just 12 seconds to go in the 5th and final round, Right Side just gives up!!! He walks out of the ring, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!!!!  What a colossal give up by Right Side. (No card of Brian Wilson, regardless of uniform, will ever win a round of anything on this blog.)

A stunned crowd, golf claps as this Repack War comes to a close.  Left Side wins in an upset after Right Side quits.

Thanks for following along and I hope this was less confusing to read than it was to write.


  1. I need to try these again. The first few I tried were so bad that I just gave up. I think you did pretty well with yours.

  2. That's about right. Brian Wilson flops and blows another one in the ninth.
    Great post.
    "where's the sarcasm font?" <- lol

  3. Woo, variations! I don't know why I love the variations from the Topps mothership set so much and dislike, sometimes strongly, all of the rest, but here we are.

  4. In more desperate moments, I've purchased a repack or two or three. Then I remember why I don't buy them.