Monday, January 11, 2021

Why do we care so much?

I haven't posted to this blog in 1,595 days.  That seems like enough of a break.  Maybe I'll pick it up again, maybe I won't, but I am on Twitter all the time and I have something to say that just won't fit in a Twitter rant.  

In my humble opinion, there are far too many Hobby Police on Twitter.  Too many people who tell people how to collect, how not to collect, how to buy, where to buy, etc. etc.  Who cares?  Who has the energy for all that Hobby Policing?  How about this....let's all just collect the way we want to collect.  

As the great Ricky Gervais once said, repeatedly, I don't care.  

I don't care if you sell on Twitter or Ebay or Mercari or out of a van....down by the river.

I don't care if you use Ebay for comps or make up your own prices...they are your cards!  Sell them, don't sell them, whatever.  

I don't care if you stalk vendors, camping out to buy all the retail and leave none for the kids.  News flash, this hobby hasn't been about the "kids" for a long, long time.  That doesn't mean I didn't try to get my kids involved, but nothing grabbed their attention.  C'est la vie.  Having said that, you won't catch me chasing retail like that, but then again, I don't have the time.  

I don't care if you post all of your retail finds and flex or don't flex or whatever it is that bothers people today.  If it really bothers me, I can scroll right by or, if it really, really bothers me, I can mute or block you.  Problem solved.  I don't typically do that though.  I generally reserve those features for the blessed souls who really rub me the wrong way.  You know, like most fans of a baseball team in the southeast portion of my state.  

I don't care if get your cards from  Ebay, COMC, thrift stores, the LCS, Blowout, trades with your cousin Vinny, or the big box store.  I do like to see them so show them off.  

I don't care if you like graded cards, hate graded cards, only collect vintage, mistakenly think vintage starts in the year 2000 (like my kids).  I don't care if you hate PSA, hate Beckett, love either of them, swear a PSA 10 is only a BGS 9.5 or any of a million other things that Twitter Hobby Police seem to care about.  

I could write a rather lengthy post about my pet hobby peeves, but I suspect most of you would think to yourself, "I don't care."

All I really care about is that you do the hobby however you want to do the hobby.  Just let others do the same.  


  1. Well I for one have missed you blogging. But to be fair I've been terrible about blogging as well and have been busy over at Twitter. I too don't care as a matter of fact I had a blog post brewing about how the only rules in collecting are our own. I should probably get around to finishing it. Welcome back??!!

  2. Hallelujah! Sure hope you write another post sooner than later. Then again... I'm sure you don't care. Lol. Happy New Year PATP!

  3. Right on. Let's see some more card posts now.

  4. Very cool to see a post from you! I'm not on the Twitter...I guess I don't care about it.

  5. I can understand the let people collect how and what they want to collect, but I do take issue with the hoarding part of the retail stuff. There should be enough retail to meet everyone’s needs, and these people who are waiting for the truck drivers and not giving everyone a chance are doing it the wrong way. I don’t have a problem with these guys trying to flip stuff, but the problem lies with the stores not enforcing a 1 or 2 box per customer policy so everyone can get a few packs or blasters or whatever.
    It probably bugs me more because I get most of my packs from retail. How are you getting your pack fix, or are you just staying away from them altogether?
    Keep blogging.

  6. Welcome back? Yeah, there are a lot of things going on in the hobby that I don’t necessarily care about either. Like you mentioned I just keep on scrolling.

  7. Hey it’s your blog!

    I also agree that the hobby police are everywhere.

  8. Good post - right on. 1595 days... Maybe I'll figure out how long it's been since I last posted. Like Jafronius, I care little about Twitter, so will read your stuff again here if you post again.

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  10. Agree completely. Give us collecting liberty or give us...gray swatches? I wish I could say it had only been 1,500 days since my last post - welcome back, old friend.

  11. Congratulations on the Rangers' World Series title!!!