Sunday, October 31, 2010

Guess Who Got Tickets to Game 4

You are correct! My son and I are here and ready to cheer!

We are in section 310 and lovin' it!

Go Rangers!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's only one, but it sure is sweet

That was as tense as I've ever been for a baseball game. It was great to see the Rangers win the first World Series game ever played in Arlington. Now they need to enjoy this one for an hour or so and then put it behind them like they did the two losses in San Francisco. Tomorrow is a new day and they will need to win the second World Series game ever played in Arlington.

Go Rangers!!

The Rangers Don't Need to Win the World Series Today

But they do need to win Game 3.

They have to do this one game at a time and it starts tonight. They have played loose all year and I hope they can do so again tonight. I'll be at a pre-Halloween "Halloween" party. The hostess already said she would have the TV on, so I'm hoping for a treat tonight.

Go Rangers!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Have you ever...?

Have you ever been to a World Series game?

I mentioned the other day that my wife had given the OK to buy two tickets to one of the World Series games in Texas. While I am touched by her desire to see my life-long fandom rewarded, I just can't see spending upwards of $850 to buy two tickets. That's a lot of money to me and probably is to most of you too.

If I had been able to buy some of the tickets at face value, as so few real fans get too, I would have been there in a flash.

I'm still debating and don't know what I'll do yet.

So the question remains, have you ever been to a World Series game and if so, when was it?

San Fran is a liberal town

This was a Fox reporter from Dallas during Game 2 pre-game coverage.

Although I find it a bit shocking that people are smoking majijuana AT the stadium (they barely allow smoking cigarettes anywhere in the Ballpark in Arlington), I'm a little more shocked at the attitude of the cop. I know it's "only" marijuana, but it's still illegal for most people to be smoking it.


I was going to do a “Good, Bad and Ugly” post to recap Game 2.

C.J. Wilson was good enough, but the rest was just ugly.

The offense disappeared. That’s not a total surprise against great pitching, but still…it’s disappointing.

There’s no shame in losing 2-0 to Matt Cain. The shame is in what happened in the bottom of the 8th inning.
- D. O'Day relieved D. Oliver
- A. Torres struck out swinging
- F. Sanchez struck out swinging
- B. Posey singled to right center
- D. Holland relieved D. O'Day
- N. Schierholtz walked, B. Posey to second
- C. Ross walked, B. Posey to third, N. Schierholtz to second
- A. Huff walked, B. Posey scored, N. Schierholtz to third, C. Ross to second
- M. Lowe relieved D. Holland
- J. Uribe walked, N. Schierholtz scored, C. Ross to third, A. Huff to second
- E. Renteria singled to shallow left, C. Ross and A. Huff scored, J. Uribe to third
- M. Fontenot hit for J. Lopez
- M. Kirkman relieved M. Lowe
- A. Rowand hit for M. Fontenot
- A. Rowand tripled to deep right center, J. Uribe and E. Renteria scored
- A. Torres doubled to shallow left, A. Rowand scored
- F. Sanchez struck out swinging

7 runs later...but hey, they "struck out the side".

It’s easy to second guess Ron Washington, but I can’t imagine why he didn’t bring in Neftali Feliz after Posey singled. Feliz hadn’t pitched since Saturday and Friday is a day off. You absolutely have to keep the Giants to a 2-run lead at that point.

Oh well, hopefully the Rangers leave the dead bats in San Fran and come back home to score some runs. The scary part is that all the analysts are talking about being in hitter friendly Arlington should help the Rangers. Well, being in pitcher friendly AT&T Park didn’t seem to hold back the Giants.

We’ll see.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Come Get Some Free Shiny

Georgia Mindset is giving away a free box of 2010 Topps Chrome.

I know, it's crazy, but you can put your name in the hat.

I'm stewing over a Rangers post-game post, but for now, I just want some free shiny cards to help me cope.


Were the Rangers frustrating last night?


Vladimir's rusty outfield play, the inability to put Lincecum away when they had the bases loaded, the 4 errors. All very frustrating. The Rangers can redeem themselves tonight (hopefully).

I'm not talking about the Rangers right now. It's my %$#*(^&%(&^$ scanner. It was great for the first 6 months or so. Lately, it has been giving me problems. It wouldn't reset after I scanned cards. I would have to hit scan, hit cancel, and then it would reset and scan. Weird, but it doubled the time it took to scan cards.

Well, that was great compared to now when I had a bunch of stuff to scan and nothing happened. It won't do anything. The cursor spins and spins like it's on crack, but it won't scan. I'm at a loss since my technological skills are equivalent to that of the Geico Caveman. I'm going to try to download new drivers from the Canon site and see if that helps. Otherwise, I'll be in the market for a new scanner, which I absolutely don't' want to spend money on right now. I do not want to go back to taking pictures of cards with my camera. There's nothing wrong with that, but after having a scanner, it's way too much work.


Go Rangers!!!

A punch in the face

That's what Game 1 of the World Series felt like.

If you had told me before the game that the Rangers would get Lincecum for 4 runs, I would have bet the farm that it would be a Rangers win.

I hope the boys can rebound in game two and put some runs on Matt Cain.

Go Rangers!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is it really happening?

The Rangers are in the World Series?

You bet it is and I keep getting goosebumps.

My amazing and lovely wife actually told me that I could buy tickets to the World Series. She wants me to take my 10 year old son to a game. I want to, but I can't spend upwards of $1000 for two tickets. I really, really want to....but that is crazy money for 3 hours of my life.

I'm checking ticket prices every day, but I just don't know.

Game 1 is starting shortly. I need to see something similar to this card 4 times in the next week or so.

Go Rangers!

Did you forget?

If so, now is your last chance to enter the PATP World Series Contest.

Go here for details. I'll be closing the contest to new entries soon.

Go Rangers!

And I thought I was a big fan!

A story is making the rounds of the local (DFW) news stations this morning about a lawyer who has filed a continuance in a court case that has him scheduled to be in court today. The problem is that he has tickets to Game 1 of the World Series and needs to be in San Francisco.

The best quote in the story is this one.

It could be the best legal motion ever filed. After all, what other legal document will ever say, "It should be pointed out that A-Rod, also known as A-Fraud, took a called third strike to end the series and secure the pennant for the Rangers?"

And people say all lawyers are scum. I say this guy has his priorities straight.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Card for Someone Else

Have you ever had a card in your collection that you just knew belonged in someone else's collection? Maybe you have a few of those cards right now. I'm sure I have some more of those, but this is about one of those cards.

Let's go back in time a bit.

It's 1999 and I am smack dab in the middle of my insanity. I'm spending money on cards that I don't have. Sometimes $1000 in a week. Sometimes even $500 or more in one day. I was buying everything in sight and I was neck deep in an addiction that was every bit as real as a drug addiction. Looking back now, I realize what a nightmare it was and how sick I would feel after a shopping spree. If you're one of the 4 or 5 people who have been with me since the beginning of PATP, you've read the story.

But this post isn't really about the bad times. It is about one card. The one and only card from that time in my life that I didn't try to hide from anyone.

I'll never forget pulling this 1999 Upper Deck Century Legends Raymond Berry auto from a pack of what I'm sure was an overpriced box. I didn't have any connection to Berry, but he was one of the guys my dad talked about all the time when we would watch football together. He would talk about how tough Berry was and how he never turned the ball over. He said Berry could and would catch any pass Unitas threw his way. My dad wasn't a Colts fan, but he said Berry was a true Texan and tough as nails.

When I pulled this card, I couldn't wait to show my dad. He didn't care about cards at all, but he had always given me a dollar or two to buy cards as a kid. He even took me to my first card shop and waited patiently as I "oohed" and "aahed" over all the stuff in the store. He took the card from my and looked at it and said, "That's a good player and a good card". I know it doesn't sound like much, but it was a connection that I've never forgotten.

Well, fast forward nearly 10 years and I discover the blogosphere. I start making trades and sending out packages. While rummaging through a box of cards I found three autos from that '99 UD Century Legends set and put them aside. When I started making deals with Beardy, I started thinking about how much he might like that Berry card. Finally, just recently actually, I sent the card to Beardy. I enjoyed having the card for awhile, but the true joy in collecting is having cards that represent a team or players we love. I know for me that means Rangers cards because I've been a fan since I was 8 years old. That also means to me that instead of having a great card like that sitting in a shoebox in the closet, I could send it to someone who would appreciate it for it's true greatness. I know Beardy was the right person to have that card.

I have other cards that fit that description and would fit right into the collection of some other bloggers.

Someday, I'll get around to sending those cards out.

(If you missed my World Series Contest post from this morning, make sure you get your pick in before tomorrow).

Anyone up for a World Series Contest?

This is a special edition contest.

I thought about making you guess how many RBIs this guy would have.

I thought about making you guess how many steals this guy would have.

Or maybe even how many homeruns Josh would have.

I decided not to do any of those things. I love contests and I've found that the easier the contest, the more people will enter.

So, all you have to do is guess who will win the World Series. The Rangers (yes please!) or the Giants (boo..hiss!)

Everyone who guesses correctly will be entered into a randomization to determine the winner. The winner will receive some random packs of whatever I can find at the store and/or some cards they need/want. It sort of depends on what I can find at the store.

I'll leave the contest open until sometime before Game 1 starts on Wednesday. There's no need to publicize the contest unless you just feel like it. It won't gain you any extra entries.

The winner will also earn a spot on the yearly winner's list that is on the sidebar and will be eligible for the fantabulous end of the year prize, which I am in the process of securing.
Good luck and as always, thanks for following and reading PATP.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Putting the ALCS to bed

I spent the weekend with a big goofy grin on my face. The Rangers winning the ALCS on Friday night had a lot to do with that.

I didn't spend much time on the computer this weekend, but I did read the blogs via my phone. It was nice to see so much positive Ranger talk. There were probably more Rangers posts by non-Rangers fan this weekend than in the cumulative history of the blogosphere. That's ok, it's good to have all the support.

I started looking back over the stats for the ALCS tonight. I was going to break it down by player, but the team stats are more revealing.

Rangers: 38 runs, 63 hits, 9 homers, 9 steals, .304 average.
Yankees: 19 runs, 38 hits, 6 homers, 2 steals, .201 average.

Something that doesn't show up in the stats is the Rangers taking extra bases and moving up on fly outs. The Rangers hustle all the time. It comes down what Ron Washington calls respecting the game. You play hard all the time. It pays off with an extra base here and a run there.

I like it.

The only pitching stat you need to see is the ERAs. Texas pitchers managed a 3.06 ERA overall, compared to the Yankees 6.58 ERA. That's a good thing.

For those of you who haven't had much of a chance to see Texas play this year, I hope you enjoy the World Series. You should see a team that has a good time and plays fairly loose. Of course, they've never been to the World Series, so we'll see.

Is it Wednesday yet?

Hands off!

The Yankees remind me of my greedy older brother. He wouldn't go trick or treating with us "little kids", but he was quick to raid the goodie bag trying to get out the good pieces of candy when we came home.

I'll never forget the year I went as a baseball player and actually hit him with my wood bat when he stuck his hand in my candy bag. I got a spanking, but he was the one with the big bruise on his back.

I've got a message for you Yankees. Back off and keep your hands out of our goodie bag!

You might get him eventually, but right now he's a Ranger and for the record...he's not the only reason the Rangers sent you packing!

Thanks to Sully for bringing this to my attention.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Rangers Win the Pennant!!!!!


I am in shock right now!

I always wanted this to happen, but after so many years, you just start to wonder.

Colby Lewis was AMAZING!

Vladdy drove in 3...!

Nelson Cruz iced this cake!

I'm literally tearing up as I think about the fact that the Rangers are going to the World Series.

It is an amazing thing to watch knowing they will be playing for the title. It is even more gratifying that they knocked the Yankees out after being steamrolled by the Yankees in their only other 3 playoff appearances.

I don't have any posts scheduled for this weekend. I'm just going to enjoy this feeling for a couple of days and try to let it sink in that the Texas Rangers...

my Texas Rangers....

Spiff and Big D's Texas Rangers....

are going to the WORLD SERIES!!!

It's Play Ball

I saw where Nelson Cruz was in the lineup. That had me worried after his hamstring issues in Game 5.

Cruz was in line to have a monster season if his hamstring hadn't sent him to the DL repeatedly. He's been great so far and I hope it continues tonight.

Let's go Colby! We need a repeat of Game 2 tonight.

Go Rangers!

Does anybody want this orange refractor?

I picked it up in the one football Chrome value pack I bought.

Easy trading terms will apply.

If you're wondering why I'm posting a football card when the Rangers are about to play in Game 6 of the ALCS, well, it's really quite simple.

I'm nervous like you would not believe and I'm going a bit stir crazy. I need something to occupy my time in this last hour before the game starts. You might see 10 posts from me between now and game time.

Anyway, the first person to claim it with an offer can have it.

Want a Mulligan?

Imagine you could turn back the clock to the beginning of the 2010 collection season.

Now, imagine you could do that with the knowledge you currently have about the cards you bought.

What, if anything, would you do differently? Would you spend less on certain products looking for cards like this....

Would you spend more money on certain products and less on others? Would you say to hell with all new products and concentrate on vintage cards or set/player collections?

Personally, I would probably have spent less money on 2010 Topps flagship. I fell in love with the Million Card Giveaway in a big way and ended up spending way too much money buying packs. I put together 3 complete Series 1 sets and have a shoebox full of dupes. I redeemed a lot of the code cards, got a number of nice vintage cards and made a boatload of trades. I probably got as much, if not more, blog mileage out of that promotion than anybody. Still, I spent too much money on that one product.

What about you?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Does Timing Really Matter?

I'm not ignoring yesterday's loss to the Yankees, but I am ignoring yesterday's loss to the Yankees. I can't talk about it and I'm stressed out about game 6 already.

The ALCS has nothing to do with this post.

I'm curious about your thought on the timing of your blog posts. Now that I'm following a considerable number of blogs (169) I see a few trends. Some people post at approximately the same time every day (or when they post) and some people seem to post at a variety of times.

I typically schedule posts to hit at the same general time each day. It's not a necessity, but more a matter of spreading them out a bit. Although I've done it a few times recently, I don't normally post at night/early morning when I'm awake and working because most people aren't up reading blogs at that time of day. I have wondered if I'm scheduling my posts at the optimum time of day or if the time of day even makes a difference. Sometimes I wonder if people might miss it because they don't scroll far enough down their dashboard to see all the posts from that day.

What do you think? Does it matter what time your post hits the blogosphere or do you think people are going to see it regardless of the time?

Have you seen this ball?

Actually, I don't have a picture of it.

It's the famous Kirk Gibson homerun ball from the 1988 World Series. It seems that no one has any idea where the ball is or who might have it. You can read the Yahoo article here.

The story came up because SCP Auctions is auctioning off Kirk Gibson's jersey, batting helmet and bat from Game 1 of the 1988 World Series. They also have a number of other related pieces in the sale like the World Series Trophy.

That I don't understand. How do you sell the World Series Trophy? Do all the players get a replica of the real trophy?

Anyway, GCRL and Night Owl, let us know which pieces you get in the auction. It's situations like this that make me wish I was filthy rich.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coming up big

There were no shortage of contributors in Game 4 of the ALCS.

Bengie Molina's 3 run homer after the intentional walk to Murphy was a turning point in the game.

Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz provided some cushion with homers of their own.

Nick Swisher getting hit on the pant leg by the pitch AND it not being called was a big play too. That would have driven in a run and most likely led to Neftali coming in the game. I think it was karma catching up with the Yankees since the actor Derek Jeter got away with a faked hit by pitch recently.

Michael Young's play on Lance Berkman with the bases loaded was big too.

But all those things may not matter if this guy doesn't come up big for the Rangers.

Tommy Hunter gave up 3 runs in 3 1/3 innings. Derek Holland came in and shut down the Yankees for 3 2/3 innings. He gave up only 1 hit while striking out 3 and got the Rangers through the 7th inning. The offense did it's thing again tonight and Holland got a much deserved win.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Orange Refractor APB

I've purchased 5 of the 2010 Topps Chrome Retail Value Packs. That means I have 15 of the Orange refractors that come 3 per value pack. I should say "had" 15, because I've already sent 3 of them off into the blogosphere. That leaves 12.

I still have not seen one Rangers Orange Refractor. Not in the few packs I bought and not on any other blog. If anyone has any Rangers Orange Refractor and would be willing to trade it for a different Orange refractor, this is what I have to offer.

Jorge Posada, Yankees
Adam Wainwright, Cardinals

Zack Greinke, Royals
Mark Buehrle, White Sox

Tim Hudson, Braves
Ryan Braun, Brewers

Edwin Jackson, Diamondbacks
Aaron Hill, Blue Jays

Victor Martinez, Red Sox
Dexter Fowler, Rockies
Tyson Ross, A's

I have a few other refractors and xfractors as well that I'll trade for Rangers if you have any. Thanks for looking!

8-0 = 2-1

It's not simple math or even algebra.

It's the ALCS and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Go Rangers!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Any Predictions for Game 3?

Game 3 of the ALCS starts in about 35 minutes or so.

Care to make a prediction for tonight's game?

Of course, I hope the Cliff Lee that showed up in the ALDS is on the mound for Texas.

I'm not sure which Andy Pettite will show up.

I'm not one of those guys who thinks that something I say or do or wear or eat is going to have any outcome on the game. Those superstitious people are weird.

That said, there's no way I want to make a prediction. I might jinx them or something.

Campaigning for Bo!

I like giving pub to other blogs. It usually comes in the form of a contest pimping post. This time it's a little bit different.

Everyone's favorite Night Owl has this thing about collecting night cards. Personally, I can't imagine anyone getting so hung up on such a specific type of card. (That was said very tongue in cheek and I wish someone would invent an "I'm just kidding" font).

Anyway, Night Owl is running an Awesomest Night Card Tourney over on his blog. Currently up for your perusal is Round 5, and it has a card I just had to throw my support behind.

How could you not vote for this awesome night card that just happens to be a play at the plate as well? It's a great 1986 Topps Bo Diaz card. You'll have to go hit the link on Night Owl's blog to see what happens on this play.

I don't care if you're a "Hope and Change" kind of person or you're more of a "Mission Accomplished" type, you should vote for Bo! This is a bipartisan issue after all.

Bo is up against a nice, but not nice enough 1994 Hank Aaron card. Honestly, hasn't Hank won enough awards in his lifetime?

He's also running against a 2006 Opening Day Hong-Chih Kuo (no contest), a 1987 Fleer Superstar Special (again, no contest), a 2009 Topps Brian Stokes (nope) and a 1989 Upper Deck Jerald Clark (ok, this one is nice, but it's Upper Deck, I'm sure they were cheating somehow).

That only leaves one viable, deserving candidate and that's Mr. Bo Diaz. Please give him your support.

*This ad paid for by the Bo Diaz for the Round 5 most Awesomest Night Card campaign. My name is PATP and I approved this message.*

It's not all about the Rangers

I've fallen behind on trades posts and other things lately because of the Rangers.

It's not often that I'm 100% into the playoffs like I am this year.

I don't normally have a one-track mind like this either.

I hope you can excuse the fanatic in me and I promise that as soon as the playoffs are over this year, I'll get back to normal.

After all, it's not all about the Rangers.

Yea, right, who am I kidding!?

Go Rangers!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oh, what could have been!

It could have been Rangers 2, Yankees zip.

I'll take what it is...a split and a first ever playoff win at home.

Cliff Lee is up in game 3!

Let's go Rangers!!


That was a huge strikeout by Clay Rapada!

You have to finish the job

The Rangers blew it last night.

Big time.

Josh Hamilton punched CC Sabathia in the face with that 3 run homer in the first inning. Michael Young rubbed salt in the wound with his 2 run double in the 4th. CC went to the bench licking his wounds.

Two plays sealed the deal in the Yankees win though. The lucky bounce back to the catcher allowed the Yankees to catch Cruz trying to score from third. Sabathia made a great play to get Cruz. The other play was Arod's hit with the bases loaded. If Young picks that ball a double play is possible.

I was hoping for another comeback off Rivera, but he's a beast in the playoffs.

The Rangers knocked the Yankees down yesterday, but couldn't knock them out. Today they have to do both.

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Time

That has been the Rangers' slogan all year.

I believe they can beat the Yankees.

I want them to beat the Yankees.

That doesn't mean they will beat the Yankees...

but, It's Time.

Hit me!

The Ranger can beat the Yankees. If I keep saying it, it can come true.

With two exceptions, the players need to continue their hitting from the ALDS with Tampa.

Elvis Andrus hit .333 (8/24) with 1 double, 2 runs scored, 1 RBI and 3 steals.

Nelson Cruz hit .400 (8/20) with 2 doubles, 3 homers, 5 runs scored, 3 RBIs and 1 steal.

Vladimir Guerrero hit .263 (5/19) with 1 double, 2 runs scored and 1 RBI.

Ian Kinsler hit .444 (8/18) with 3 homers, 5 runs scored and 6 RBIs. Ian was Crazy Good.

Bengie Molina hit .357 (5/14) with 1 homer, 1 run scored, two RBIs and a steal. We won't expect anymore steals, but the hits are nice.

If the Rangers want to beat the Yankees these next two guys have to step up.

Michael Young only hit .150 (3/20) with 1 homer, 1 run scored and 3 RBIs.

Josh Hamilton only hit .111 (2/18) with 1 run scored, 1 RBI and one steal. His defense was great, but we need the bat to come back.

Josh and Michael also struck out 12 times in 38 at-bats.

Here's hoping the Hamilton and Young join the hit parade and the other guys stay hot.

You know, at the plate.

Go Rangers!

Can the Rangers beat the Yankees?

I don't know if the Rangers can beat C.C. Sabathia.

C.C. beat the Rangers and C.J. Wilson back on April 16th 5-1. That was a long time ago.

I do know the Rangers can beat Mariano Rivera. They did it twice this year.

Back on August 10th, Rivera came into a game at the Ballpark in Arlington in the bottom of the 10th inning with the score tied 3-3. He gave up singles to Michael Young and Josh Hamilton before getting Vladimir Guerrero to ground out. He intentionally walked Nelson Cruz to load the bases and David Murphy promptly hit a single to win the game. Rivera pitched 1/3 inning, giving up 3 hits and the winning run while picking up the loss.

On Septempber 11th, again at the Ballpark in Arlington, Rivera came in to close out the game with the Yankees up 6-5 in the bottom of the 9th. Guerrero walked, Cruz singled, Ian Kinsler doubled to tie the game. Chris Davis was intentionally walked, Andres Blanco popped out and Jeff Francouer got the big walk off Hit By Pitch to win the game 7-6. Rivera again pitched 1/3 inning, giving up 2 hits and 2 runs.

These two games represented 2 of Rivera's 3 losses on the season and 1 of his 4 blown saves. It also shows that Texas isn't going to give in, no matter which team they are facing and who is on the mound.

Mobile Test

I'm testing the mobile blogging feature on Blogger so I can post during or after the ALCS games.

Sent from my iPhone

Thursday, October 14, 2010

You deserve a break today

I don't know about you, and I don't know if I deserve it, but I'm taking a blog break today.

I've been sick all week.

I'm tired.

So that means I'm sick and tired.

But...I'm still excited about tomorrow. So I'll be back with some riveting, exciting posts for Friday. Well, I'll have posts for Friday. Let's leave it at that.

You have a good Thursday. If you decide not to take a break, I will definitely be reading along.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More 1956 Goodness

I don't know if I mentioned (more than 10 times) that I'm after some 1956 Topps cards on the Topps MCG site. Well, I got another one last night. The only problem was I had to give up one '56 for another.

You may recognize this '56 Jim Rivera which I covered in this post.

As far as cards go, it's really nice. It has a nice action shot to go along with the headshot. As nice as it is, I liked this one better, so when someone offered it to me, I quickly accepted.

This '56 Stan Lopata fits nicely into my somewhat limited vintage catcher collection. It's a really unusual action shot. It almost looks like he is taking a throw from the dugout. Perhaps it was an overthrown ball that was retrieved by the pitcher. Stan looks as confused as I am. At any rate, I'm glad to have this in my portfolio.

On a related issue, this was my trade screen on Monday morning when I got to work. I had 56 trade offers, which is fun. Most of them were for my 1956 cards or my 1973 Bill Freehan play at the plate.

Is anyone else receiving lots of trade offers or have you stopped checking the site altogether? If so, that could explain why no one is responding to my trade offers.

For the record, I didn't accept any of those 56 offers.

Would you care to make a donation?

The scene: Any generic Dallas/Fort-Worth neighborhood.

The players: A 40 year-old PATP, riding his BMX bike, carrying a donation can.

PATP throws his bike down on the lawn, approaches a door and rings the bell.

PATP: "Excuse me sir, would you like to make a donation to the KCL Fund?"

Man: "What is the KCL Fund son? Is that a charity that helps people with knee problems?"

PATP: "No sir, the KCL Fund is much more important than simple ligament damage. The KCL Fund gives 100% of it's donations to Keep Cliff Lee in Texas. We need every possible dollar to Keep Cliff Lee from going to New York. Can you help?"

Man: "Son, after watching the ALDS, I'm going to give you a blank check."

PATP: "Thank you sir, I have a feeling that's what it's going to take to get Mr. Lee to sign with the Rangers. A blank check."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maybe there is crying in baseball

Ok, maybe just a little bit. I didn't cry when the Rangers beat the Rays tonight. I did get a little wet spot in the corner of my eye, but it was just something in my eye. Really it was. Still...

There was a play at the plate that involved Vladimir Guerrero. Very cool.

I'm glad Cliff didn't try to pick up Bengie.

I've been waiting for this moment for 30+ years.
Not a World Series win.

Not an American League Pennant.

Just to win a playoff series.

The Rangers have been waiting longer than me.

The Yankees await, but I'm going to just enjoy the Rangers victory tonight. I'll start worrying about the Yankees in a couple of days.

Either Or...

In about 3 hours, I'll either be celebrating or someone will be trying to talk me down off the roof of the nearest building.

Who do you think wins tonight's game?

The Pacific Northwest

Bud from First Day Issue is one of those guys who will occasionally send a package out of the blue. No trade talks, no cards claimed...just a friendly package with no strings attached. It's always a nice surprise.

I won't keep you long. I know you have your own blog to write, cards to scan and trade packages to send out. Oh, and you might have one of those "lives" I keep hearing so much about.

That is one crappy photo of the son of a Hall of Famer. It's a 1995 Upper Deck Reid Ryan. I wonder what the question was?

Ah, one of those annoying 2009 UD 20th Anniversary cards. I do love the old Rangers jacket though.

Can you believe this beautiful ballpark has never been the site of a playoff victory. That's going to change when the Yankees come to town next week.

This is a 2007 Bowman Julio Borbon. He doesn't have a hit in the ALDS and I don't know if he'll start in game 5. I wouldn't mind seeing him pinch run for Vlad in the top of the 9th and score the winner on a play at the plate. It could happen.

Speaking of Vlad, here is a 2010 National Chicle Vladimir Guerrero bat card, #70/199. I hope he's smiling like this later tonight.

Bud also sent another 30 or so Rangers and Cowboys cards. Thanks Bud!

Keep an eye on your mailbox.