Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Would you care to make a donation?

The scene: Any generic Dallas/Fort-Worth neighborhood.

The players: A 40 year-old PATP, riding his BMX bike, carrying a donation can.

PATP throws his bike down on the lawn, approaches a door and rings the bell.

PATP: "Excuse me sir, would you like to make a donation to the KCL Fund?"

Man: "What is the KCL Fund son? Is that a charity that helps people with knee problems?"

PATP: "No sir, the KCL Fund is much more important than simple ligament damage. The KCL Fund gives 100% of it's donations to Keep Cliff Lee in Texas. We need every possible dollar to Keep Cliff Lee from going to New York. Can you help?"

Man: "Son, after watching the ALDS, I'm going to give you a blank check."

PATP: "Thank you sir, I have a feeling that's what it's going to take to get Mr. Lee to sign with the Rangers. A blank check."


  1. Once you come to terms with Cliff Lee, New York Yankee, you'll feel much better and be able to move on.

    Milwaukee Brewer & CC Sabathia fan

    Honestly though, I thought about asking every Brewer fan for $100 to keep CC in Milwaukee. 100,000 fans at $100 a pop is what? $10,000,000? I'd offer that up every year of a 6 year deal. $600 to see CC pitch in Milwaukee (and hit!) I'd have loved it.

  2. Cliff says that he wants to stay in Texas. He says that if they win it all he will for sure. What the money says may be something different all together...

  3. I know this will sound stupid,but there has to be a time in every players life where the money no longer matters.I would love for more stars to stay where they want to be rather than be lured by big $.Scott Boras has a lot to answer for.BTW I'm not advocating we go back to the old days.