Friday, October 29, 2010


I was going to do a “Good, Bad and Ugly” post to recap Game 2.

C.J. Wilson was good enough, but the rest was just ugly.

The offense disappeared. That’s not a total surprise against great pitching, but still…it’s disappointing.

There’s no shame in losing 2-0 to Matt Cain. The shame is in what happened in the bottom of the 8th inning.
- D. O'Day relieved D. Oliver
- A. Torres struck out swinging
- F. Sanchez struck out swinging
- B. Posey singled to right center
- D. Holland relieved D. O'Day
- N. Schierholtz walked, B. Posey to second
- C. Ross walked, B. Posey to third, N. Schierholtz to second
- A. Huff walked, B. Posey scored, N. Schierholtz to third, C. Ross to second
- M. Lowe relieved D. Holland
- J. Uribe walked, N. Schierholtz scored, C. Ross to third, A. Huff to second
- E. Renteria singled to shallow left, C. Ross and A. Huff scored, J. Uribe to third
- M. Fontenot hit for J. Lopez
- M. Kirkman relieved M. Lowe
- A. Rowand hit for M. Fontenot
- A. Rowand tripled to deep right center, J. Uribe and E. Renteria scored
- A. Torres doubled to shallow left, A. Rowand scored
- F. Sanchez struck out swinging

7 runs later...but hey, they "struck out the side".

It’s easy to second guess Ron Washington, but I can’t imagine why he didn’t bring in Neftali Feliz after Posey singled. Feliz hadn’t pitched since Saturday and Friday is a day off. You absolutely have to keep the Giants to a 2-run lead at that point.

Oh well, hopefully the Rangers leave the dead bats in San Fran and come back home to score some runs. The scary part is that all the analysts are talking about being in hitter friendly Arlington should help the Rangers. Well, being in pitcher friendly AT&T Park didn’t seem to hold back the Giants.

We’ll see.

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  1. But it was the 8th inning! Closers who normally get 3 outs per outing are incapable of being stretched to what equals a full 33% increase in workload. Feliz's arm would have fallen off.

    Seriously, I'm totally with you! Still pulling for the Rangers in this one as they have more former Rays!