Friday, October 22, 2010

Want a Mulligan?

Imagine you could turn back the clock to the beginning of the 2010 collection season.

Now, imagine you could do that with the knowledge you currently have about the cards you bought.

What, if anything, would you do differently? Would you spend less on certain products looking for cards like this....

Would you spend more money on certain products and less on others? Would you say to hell with all new products and concentrate on vintage cards or set/player collections?

Personally, I would probably have spent less money on 2010 Topps flagship. I fell in love with the Million Card Giveaway in a big way and ended up spending way too much money buying packs. I put together 3 complete Series 1 sets and have a shoebox full of dupes. I redeemed a lot of the code cards, got a number of nice vintage cards and made a boatload of trades. I probably got as much, if not more, blog mileage out of that promotion than anybody. Still, I spent too much money on that one product.

What about you?


  1. I have to say last years Topps Heritage. It was all that was around my old WallyWorld so I ended up buying way to much of it. I was chasing a Tommy Hanson black refractor, but the closest I got was a refractor. I was also chasing those S.P error cards, and was lucky enough to pull a S.P of fred lewis on randy winns cards

  2. I would have bought zero packs or blasters and just picked up team sets off of ebay.

  3. I wouldn't have tried to complete Topps flagship. Lesson learned though -- I hopefully won't be going back in 2011.

  4. Night Owl, why would you have not tried to complete the Flagship?

    I skipped it this year as well (as well as basically everything in 2010, save for a few packs) but I'm curious to hear why.

    I thought about picking up a set cheap.

  5. I've pretty much stuck with my goal of just buying cards I actually wanted this year. I would like the money back that I spent on random Pro Debut Series 1 packs, though.