Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Five Thousand One Hundred and Eighteen

This is a follow up to my "Four Thousand Fifteen" post from earlier.

It had been 5,118 days since the Rangers first post season win. What a way to end that dry spell!

I watched nervously, from Cliff Lee loading the bases in the first inning to Neftali Feliz walking the first two batters of the ninth inning and every moment in between.

I wasn't surprised by Nelson Cruz's big homerun. It wasn't quite 467 feet (438), but it was big. I was surprised by Bengie Molina's homerun, but it's the postseason and surprises seem to pop up all the time. See Roy Halladay if you don't believe that.

I'm excited for the 5-1 victory, but it takes 3 so...I'm not going to get ahead of myself. The Rays didn't have the best record in the A.L. for no reason.

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