Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Hobby Christmas

I meant to post this yesterday, but I got sidetracked stumping for the Blogger Awards and a fellow bloggers blog, both worthy pursuits. I didn't rake in a big hit or lots of greatness for Christmas, but for someone who hasn't gotten a card on Christmas morning in 25 years, I'm glad to have anything hobby related. Everything you see on this post came courtesy of my dear sweet mother-in-law. She tried, she really did, and I appreciate it. She did come through in a big way on one item. We'll start at the bottom and work our way up.

First off, she knows how I like a discounted blaster. She picked out three of those for me. Unfortunately, two of them were 2008 Leaf Rookies and Stars Football blasters. These were $5.97 for five, five card packs. I managed to pull two Cowboys, Marion Barber and Terrell Owens, which I'll pass on to my son for his Cowboys collection. The two very questionable "hits" of the blasters were these two:

Some kind of John David Booty Crown Insert and a Tracy Porter Rookie #320/349. I very rarely open any football cards, but I seem to be a "Booty" magnet. I know that sounds wrong, but it's true and I really wanted to write it. All of these, and I do mean all of these are available. Except the two Cowboys.

I'll save the other discounted blaster for later. She also picked up 5 Fat Packs of 2007 Fleer Ultra marked down to $2.48 each. These were much better than the football. Some of the photography used on these is really nice. I didn't pull any hits, but I got 7 of the gold parallels numbered to /999.

From top left to right:
Adrian Beltre-032/999
Alfonso Soriano-822/999
Jamie Burke-828/999
BJ Upton-807/999
Matt Holliday-765/999
Chien-Ming Wang-791/999
David Eckstein-521/999

The funny thing to me is the Jamie Burke card is a "rookie" card. On the back the first line says "At 35, Burke is poised to be the Mariners primary backup catcher for 2007." Really? At age 35? Way to keep the dream alive Jamie!

The Beltre, Burke, Upton and Eckstein cards are already loaded into some trade packages. The rest are up for grabs if you're interested.

Next up was a blaster of 2009 Topps Heritage High Numbers. I pulled 13 of the "Rookie Stars" including one with a different shade on the back. Is that an SP??? I pulled one Then and Now, one Rookie Performer, two Chrome and one Chrome Refractor. Wanna see...?

The blaster had three Rangers, a John Mayberry "Rookie Star", the Nelson Cruz and the Rookie Performer Elvis Andrus. I don't care much for the Then and Now card I got. I don't get it.

Is it just me or is that an unfortunate name?

Here are the Chrome cards. Homer Bailey #1160/1960, Melky Cabrera #74/1960, and Refractor Vin Mazzaro #417/560.

The final card product was a discounted blaster of 2005 Fleer Showcase. She said this was the only one she found. It had eight, five card packs.

I managed two Rangers, Michael Young and Hank Blalock.

I pulled two Measure of Greatness (1:5) inserts. It figures the Red Sox and Yankees would be my pulls.

I pulled one regular and one jersey Wave of the Future. The regular ones fall 1:15 packs and I was real happy to pull Joe Mauer. The Wave of the Future Jersey Green cards fall 1:48 packs. I wasn't as happy to pull Pronk.
That's it for the Christmas Card Haul. I did get one more hobby inspired gift. I got a new SCANNER!!! Finally, I'll be able to start scanning cards instead of taking pics of them. I was happy to open that package and it also came from my mother-in-law. I have a handful of trade packages ready to post that I already took pics of, so when those get posted I'll be using the scanner for trade posts after that. I hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas! I've seen some pretty nice stuff posted out there. Who knows what the New Year will bring?

Outgoing trade package update

I've got packages in the works for a number of people. GCRL, I'm working on filling your Dodger box. First Day Issue, I'm working on another card or two for the awesome little package you sent. Wicked and a couple of others requested cards and those will go out soon. Nachos Grande, I received that mis-cut Rangers card and will have your package on the way soon. Troll, I've got a little pack for you for the 1,000,000 pack break you're doing. I'm also working on a few things for people who requested trades/cards and maybe a surprise or three.

Roll Out the Trade Barrel

Just a few weeks ago Ed over at Roll Out the Barrel posted a pack break of Topps 206. I really needed, or maybe just wanted, the bronze parallel of Elvis Andrus he pulled. Ed was kind enough to fill the package with other Rangers cards as well.

This is the aforementioned trade impetus. No, I didn't get a "Word-of-the-Day" calendar for Christmas. Why do you ask?

This is at least the second one of these reverse negative 1990 Donruss Juan Gonzalez cards I've received in a trade. I have another one from Wicked Ortega. I'll be nice and not show that one, but don't be surprised if I mention it.

David Murphy looks mighty pleased on this 2009 Topps Heritage card. Maybe he knows something about the 2010 season that I don't know.

This 1992 Topps Bobby Valentine says he's a winner (in foil just above the team name), but Bobby went 581-605 in his Rangers managerial career and would not make it through the next season. Does that sound like a winner to you?

This 2008 UD Series 1 Michael Young Starquest card shows one of the things I like about Young. He's not afraid to get dirty on the job.

I like the 2006 Fleer Ultra cards. This gold Michael Young is no exception. I was never a big fan of those sleeveless uniforms though.

Here we have a trio of 2008 Allen and Ginter Rangers. I think I already have the Young and Kinsler, but I didn't have the Kazuo Fukumori.

I really like these 2001 Fleer EX cards. This Rafael Palmeiro has great colors and I really like the thick cardstock and the Rangers logos on the card.

How about some nice 1989 Bowman Rangers. We have Charlie Hough, obviously throwing a knuckle ball, Jim Sundberg, and Buddy Bell. A trio of Ranger greats if ever there was one.

Ed, thanks so much for the cards. I hope you enjoy the ones I sent as well!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Night Owl Delivers

I'm finally posting trade packages I received in December. This one came via New York courtesy of the Night Owl. You might have heard of him. He bleeds Dodger Blue. He has over 100 followers...and oh yea, a second blog. I don't imagine I have any followers that he doesn't, but if you're not following both blogs go do it. Right now. I'll wait.

I'm not saying that in a bossy way, more like a "I would hate for you to miss out on a good thing" way.

The package the Owl sent me contained a plastic box that was nicely sealed with what I've learned is blogger/trader friendly blue painter's tape. It had plenty of Ranger goodness from the 90's and 00's with a few 80's and even a nearly complete team set from the 70's. Let's get to the pics.

This package had a box topper! This is a 1994 Fleer Juan Gonzalez Extra Bases card. It is standard width and about 1 1/4" longer than normal. It is one of a set of 30. This is nice, but storage is an issue.

This gorgeous bit of shininess is a 2009 Bowman Chrome Nelson Cruz refractor. I haven't busted a single pack of this so to get any Ranger is nice, a refractor is just a bonus!

This Oddibe McDowell tattoo is the third one the Night Owl has sent to me. The other two, Larry Parrish and Toby Harrah can be seen here. Maybe I'll eventually have a team set and can put them on my back complete with a baseball diamond.

This 1982 Topps John Henry Johnson isn't getting blog time because of Johnson's three years with the Rangers when he pitched in 74 games going 7-9. It's not because he didn't pitch in the majors in 1983 or that it's his last card in a Rangers uniform. It's the HAIR! He must have worn a size 14 hat not to mess that 'do up.

These two 1983 Topps cards were right in the wheelhouse of my prime collecting years. Unfortunately these went the way of the great yard sale and are new to me again. Welcome home boys.

I posted a Nolan Ryan version of one of these recently. This is a 1990 Baseball Cards Magazine Will Clark. Will looks very concerned in this pic. He also looks to be sporting a wicked unibrow which I've never noticed before.

You simply can't go wrong including Will Clark cards in a package for me. It helps if I don't have some of them and I really need to get a list up. Add that to my extensive hobby related "to-do" list. I know without looking that 4 of these are new to my collection. Leave it to the Night Owl to fill a need I didn't know existed.

I have a very vague recollection of these 2001 Pacific Ornament cards, but never had a Ranger to hang on the tree. Now I have the great Ivan Rodriguez ornament card and my tree will never be the same!

Included in the package was an incredible 15 1978 Topps Rangers cards. I don't know exactly how many are in the set, but that's a bunch right there.

It looks like the photographer took Juan's picture after calling his name. Surprise!

I don't think I've ever seen that Len Barker before. Doesn't he look happy to be a Ranger? It might be because he only had one more year with the Rangers and then it would be on to Cleveland. Does that make anyone happy? Ken Henderson looks pretty happy too! I wonder how happy he was to play in only 7 games with the Mets in 1978.

Here we have a couple of nice 1978 Topps Rookies cards. Pat Putnam would play 6 seasons in Texas, having his best season in 1979. He hit 18 homers and drove in 64 while hitting .277. Keith Smith only played 23 games for Texas in 1977. He did his 2 homers...I'll bet those were big moments for him. He played in 30 games over the next two seasons for St. Louis and that was it for his career.

Last, but certainly not least, is this nice Sandy Alomar. This just happens to be my first and only Sandy Alomar. Sandy finished up his career in Texas playing in 69 games in 1977 and 24 games in 1978. I need to check to see if there is a 1979 Topps card of Alomar in Rangers attire.

Night Owl, thanks for the trade! Any Rangers are appreciated and pre-1981's are all the better!

Back in Business, Christmas Haul, or Get Your Butt Movin'

I couldn't really decide on a subject for my first non-scheduled post since I returned from "Christmas Break". Ok, I'm not a kid so I don't get a Christmas Break, but I didn't work Christmas for the first time in 10 years so cut me a little slack. I scheduled about 5 days worth of posts and when you do that, they don't always sound as good as you thought they would.

At any rate, I'm back to the real world, which is nice when it comes to blogging and commenting on other blogs. Following the blogosphere via the miracle of the IPhone is doable, but not nearly as much fun as sitting in front of a computer. Commenting is harder...posting...well, I haven't even tried that. So, in a way, I'm glad to be back to reality.

I'll skip to the friendly Get Your Butt Movin' part. If you haven't voted in the Blog Awards hosted by Drews Cards, well, get your Butt Movin'. Drew and his co-hosters have put some effort into this and I'm sure they would appreciate a few more votes. I put a link for you right there and here, here and here. The links all go to the same place. It's fairly easy and won't take long so go on and Rock The Vote.

Yours truly is nominated for Blog Trader of the Year, but you should really be voting for one of the other nominees. I've been the incredibly fortunate recipient of trade packages from everyone on the list except Mojo, and I know he sends out some amazing cards from his vault. You see trade posts all over the blogosphere from these guys and they either pull great stuff, buy great stuff, or just have great stuff to trade and they are all very generous. The nominees are:

Blog Trader of the Year:
- My Past Time… I Love It
- Ryan’s Memorabilia Blog
- Beardy’s Baseball Blog
- Play at the Plate
- Nachos Grande
- The Mojo Hand

One more quick plug, and I'll be doing this again at some point, but if you aren't following Night Owl's other blog reviewing the entire 1975 Topps set then you should be. You are missing out some of the most colorful (pun completely intended) blog commentary around. Oh yea, the set is great too so get over there right now and become a follower.

I was going to post my Christmas haul here, but I'll save that for was good, not as good as some. I didn't get a laptop like the Troll for goodness sake! I did get one really nice goodie and some ok stuff to go along with it. Until then...

Monday, December 28, 2009

A little post holiday catch-up

I'm still off work until the evening of the 29th. Hopefully you'll have some fresh posts from me to read on the 30th.

When I left work Christmas Eve morning, I was down to 7 trade packages to catch up on. That doesn't count the ones I scheduled between then and now. I may have some packages waiting for me when I return, but I don't know about that. I wouldn't have expected anything at this time of year.

I didn't get too much card related stuff for Christmas. No surprise there. I did get a couple of blasters that I'll mention.

I hope you're all recoving from the post-holiday blues and that you got what you wanted.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Through a young collector's eyes

Earlier today I posted some cards Jeremy from No One's Going to Read This Blog sent to my son. There was one card in particular that got a reaction from him.

Since he started collecting the 2009 Topps set, he understands the gold cards are numbered to the year of production. So this 2006 Topps UH Michael Young is #1025/2006. He really likes the gold cards. He isn't jaded yet to the fact that serial numbered cards aren't that big a deal anymore. He doesn't realize when he gets a jersey or bat card that there are literally hundreds if not thousands of those out there for any particular player. He still gets excited just from pulling a cool picture. It doesn't have to be an insert, a triple auto or a "sick" patch. That is what I love most about going through this process with him as he just starts out in the hobby. He's helping me enjoy base cards again...something the blogosphere has helped with as well.

Back to the Young card above. When I gave him the cards, he looked through all the ones Jeremy sent and separated out some of his favorites. He thought it was really cool that all the Topps cards came already sorted and in order. I told him they didn't come that way, Jeremy did that.

"Cool", he said. "That was really nice".

It was.

When he got to the Young gold card, he flipped it over to look at the back. He knew it was a 2006 by the serial numbering. #1025/2006. The first thing he did was grab a blank sheet of printer paper and right down the number 2005. I've learned not to interrupt him...he is working on something, so I let him go, but I watch with growing interest.

Then he says, "How many Rangers fans are there?".

I don't know.

"How many people can fit into the Rangers baseball field?"

I look it up and it's 49,200. He gets his paper and does a little math work.

He says, "I feel sorry for 47,195 people".

Why? At this point, I just get a look. You know the one...."Do I really have to explain?"

"Dad, they only made 2006 of these. I have one and if everyone else at a Rangers game wants one, then 47,195 of them are going to be sad."

Good point, I suppose. When you're 9 years old. Then he started laughing as he walks down the hall. That maniacal laugh that says "I've got something you don't have". Then he turned to me and said..."I'm keeping this one in a safe place."

I have to tell you that witnessing him at the beginning of his collecting days has been a blast. I am constantly reminded of how excited I was to pull regular cards.

Jeremy, thanks again for the cards. He really did appreciate them.

No One Is Going to Read This Blog hooks a blogger up

A little over a week ago, Jeremy from No One's Going to Read This Blog posted his end of our second trade. He had some nice things to say and referred back to a couple of my previous posts. I really appreciated the comments and must say it still amazes me that I can write something in the blog and real live people are out there reading it. And being affected by it. Well the stuff I got from Jeremy in exchage for the stack of Mayo Football cards I sent is really special. I get stuff for myself in trade packages all the time. This time it was all for my kid. I don't have a lot of pics to post, but this is what Jeremy sent.

Here we have a few Topps Magic Longhorns. My son became a huge Texas Longhorns fan a couple of years ago and is just over the top excited about this year's National Championship game. Jeremy, if you didn't know, is from Oklahoma and has a certain aversion to Longhorns cards so my son was glad to take them off his hands. Jeremy will gladly take your cards featuring Sooners....

Jeremy also included a very healthy stack of 2009 Topps that will make a dent in my son's wantlist.

There was one more card included that deserves it's own post. Not because the card is incredible, but because my son's reaction to it took me back to my early feelings about collecting.

Jeremy, thanks again for making my kid smile. That is just about the best thing on earth in my book.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ryan's Memorabilia Strikes Again

Ryan's Memorabilia continues his quest to corral every Cal Ripken Jr. card ever made and when you send him a few he doesn't have, he rewards you handsomely. I'm going to show you only a handful of the cards he sent me...there were nearly two team set bags stuffed full of Rangers and catchers that I didn't take the time to take pictures of. On a side note, I doubt it's easier to use a scanner than a camera, but I sure hope it is.

Here are just some of the cards Mike sent over.

This is a nice, shiny 1997 Topps Finest Ivan Rodrigues Warriors card. Very nice and it mentions his bullet arm, feline quickness and soft hands on the back. Sounds weird if you take it out of context. I've never, ever peeled the protective coating off of one of these...have you? I know I saw a post about that somewhere.

Here we have a trio of Rangers and one of my non-Ranger faves from 2009 Sweet Spot. I can't bring myself to buy a "tin" of these. As much as I love discounted blasters, I can't bring myself to spend the money. I do like the base cards and now I have some of my favorites without spending a dime. I must say that is one DORKY hat Josh is wearing.

Here is one of the guys on my favorites list. This 1983 Fleer Johnny Bench isn't one from my favorite sets, but it is a great addition to my player collection. I didn't post the back, but I like a guy who has so many years in the Bigs, they only have room for stats. This one goes from 1965 to 1982.

It's amazing how often I get something in the mail I've never seen before. I wasn't collecting in 1977, but these 1977 Topps Stickers are really cool. Never mind that they feel like cloth. This is Mike Hargrove and the great Bert Blyleven. I need to get the regular '77 Topps versions of these. But you know what amazes me about these...

...NOBODY ever stuck them on anything!! Thank goodness whoever had these didn't follow directions well.

Mike thanks for these! You should have already received another small pack of Rips from me.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Secret Santa Package is OPEN!

I received my Secret Santa package from the Secret Santa idea Sarah of A Rookie (Card) Collector put out to the blogosphere back on October 1st. The plan called for spending $20 or less. I'm not sure how many people participated. Sarah actually drew my name and mailed out the package on November 19th. It was hard leaving the package unopened so I took it to work and put it in my locker, which I almost never use. That made it a little easier. This post is being scheduled, so I actually just opened it and it's the wee hours of the 24th. Here's a peek at the goodies Sarah sent over...

1995 Starting Lineup Will Clark. I have a couple of these from Will's days with the Giants, but this is my first Rangers Starting Lineup. If I ever get a room to display all my stuff this will go good with the others. I may have to start looking for the ones I don't have if I get to that point. As for this one, I'll put it up on the bookshelf with the others!
There was also an unopened pack of 2009 A&G in the package. I only need a few base cards so I didn't get any of those, but I did get a mini I needed.

Sarah also threw in a few O-Pee-Cee Rangers as well as one UD David Murphy and another A&G mini I needed.
This next card was the real surprise...

A 2005 UD Sweet Spot Classic Will Clark jersey. Sweet! I know some people would be disappointed opening a pack of Sweet Spot and pulling Will, but not me!

Sarah, thanks for the Secret Santa idea and running the show. Big thanks for the package you sent. I hope the person I sent my package to enjoys his as much as I did.

Merry Christmas to all...

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I don't want to exclude anyone or be non-pc, but that's what we celebrate so that's what I'm saying. I hope you get to spend time with family and friends and take a moment to enjoy the season. I'll be off on Christmas for the first time in years so I'll enjoy that.

Here's hoping you get some new cards or related materials under the tree or in your stocking! I've already gotten some card related goodies that I'll post next week. Nothing spectacular, but it's good nonetheless. I'll be far from a computer until Monday so I'm trying to schedule a couple of posts to get you through...I know you can't bear the thought of a day without Play at the Plate. (Please, read that and "hear" the joking manner in which it was written). I'll still be checking the blogosphere via IPhone so maybe I'll make a comment or two. I'll definitely be followint the Troll's box break unless he wises up and takes a couple of days off.

Troll, take a couple of days off...we'll all still be here when you get back to bustin' wax. You deserve a little break!

That goes for everyone...enjoy a brief interlude and spend some quality time with loved ones. Even if you can only stand to see them once a year in December!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Surprise from the Troll

I sometimes like to send out little packages that aren't part of a trade. Maybe it's a card or two off a wantlist. Maybe it's just something I think someone will like. Recently, the Collective Troll did that to me. He who is now doing a mid-90s box break sent me a couple of things he KNEW I would like. He was right.

I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating. I like catchers. It goes back to my days as a little league catcher. Being involved in every pitch was amazing. I liked the view of the field. I've got a post about why I like catching/catchers coming up. I love cards showing plays at the plate. I've gotten many of them from fellow bloggers/traders in the last few months. This Gary Carter is a nice one. It may not catch the other player, but the expression on his face tells a story. Growing up, Gary wasn't on my radar much as a collector. I'm sure it had everything to do with his team. When you're 12 years old and growing up in small town Texsas, Montreal isn't really a place as much as it is a name on a map.

Even as a rookie card collector at the age of 11, I knew who Carlton Fisk was. One of the Little League teams I played on was called the Sox and I WAS Carlton Fisk. I don't think I ever looked as perturbed/mad/sad as Fisk looks on this 1980 Topps card. The stands look empty so maybe he's coming in from the bullpen or going into the dugout. By the way, I started collecting in 1981, so ANY pre-1981 card is appreciated, Rangers or not.

Marck included a couple of Rangers and these:

I know what you're thinking. They're 2009 A&G minis. We've seen them before. On this very blog. Well, I'm still trying to finish the mini set. I think I may only need 100 more. Right, a 100. Troll threw these in and the three at the top are SPs. I'm pretty sure that Shef is one I need for the base set as well.

Troll, thanks so much for the surprise. You never know when one will hit your mailbox!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Late to the Party

Guess who finally organized their 2009 A&G and has a wantlist. Uh huh, it's me. You really should win a prize for guessing correctly, but I don't have anything to give you. Well, I do, but I'm saving it for a New Year's Contest. This list does NOT include the minis. The needs are great in that area and maybe, just maybe, I'll get that posted before going on a little Christmas break.

Sketch Cards: 10, 14, 15

Base: 53, 66, 133, 222

SP: 304

That's it! I have many, many dupes as well and if someone doesn't need them, they are going to start going TTM for autos.

If you can help, THANK YOU! If not, thanks anyway, just for taking a sliver of your day to read my blog. Thanks to all of you, I should top 6000 hits today and I've only been going since October 1st. Thank you everyone!

The Voice of the Collector Speaks...and Trades

This one is proof that trades don't have to be complicated or involve lots of cards. It doesn't have to be about autos or game used. It can be simple and easy and "I want this" for "I want that". The Voice of the Collector has a standing request out for Upper Decks 20th Anniversary Cards. Anyone who has opened any Upper Deck products this year has pulled a few of the 2,500 cards from this set. I sent over a short stack of those cards just to get rid of them and the Voice sent me back a few Rangers as a thank you.

A couple of nice Joe Mauer cards. This guy is the real deal and I hope he can stay healthy and have a long career like Pudge Rodriguez.

These 2009 UDX cards show one prospect and one established Ranger star. I hope Holland can reach the level of success Kinsler has and that he does it with the Rangers.

Last, but certainly not least, are a couple more Kinslers. The 2009 Bowman Chrome is especially nice because I didn't buy any of these and I didn't have this one.
Nice, simple, easy trade. Thanks Voice and keep up the great work on the blog!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Discounted Blasters Calling My Name

I know what you're thinking. Why is he buying discounted blasters this close to Christmas? I didn't want to do it. I didn't even want to go to the card aisle. I'm standing there looking at the lettuce, trying to decide if the only difference between red leaf and green leaf lettuce is color, and the next thing I know I'm standing in front of the freshly stocked card section. My mind is eased as I notice it's all football and newer hockey stuff. There is nothing wrong with those if that is what you're into, but I can pass.

But wait.

On the bottom shelf, next to the discounted 2008 Topps Football and 2008 Rookies and Stars I see it. It is staring me in the face. Mocking me. Laughing because Christmas is upon us and I can't afford it.

What he doesn't know is that I got a little bonus from work and I can afford him. And all his little buddies. I scooped up that 2006 Topps Chrome blaster, smiled at the 50% off label and proceeded to look for more. But I would soon be disappointed. He was all alone. I've since been to the other two Wal-Marts in the area with no sign of any more of these 2006 boxes. Oh well, I'll just have to enjoy it for what it is...something new to open! I have a couple of 2006 Topps Chrome Rangers that I've picked up in trades, but I've never opened any. So let's get to it. (I'll apologize up front for the crappy pics. These didn't come out great because of the background color).

Pack 1

#370 Freddie Bynum--Bynum played in 7 games with the A's in 2005, 71 games with the Cubs in 2006, and 110 games with the Orioles in 2007-2008.
#304 Matt Cain
SDR-GR Declaration of Independence Signers George Ross--Ross was initially a Crown prosecuter, but changed loyalties and served in the Pennsylvania milita (1775-1776) and in the Continental Congress.
#54 Jayson Werth

Pack 2

#55 Mariano Rivera--You might have heard of him
#120 Zack Greinke

#294 Jason Kubel XFractor

#9 Jeremy Reed

Pack 3

#298 Matt Capps

#278 Russ Martin

#321 Drew Meyer Refractor--Drew played in 5 games for the Rangers in 2006 and went 3-14 with no rbis.

#137 Jim Edmonds

Pack 4

#82 Ronnie Belliard

#119 Kazuo Matsui

MMHRC100--Mickey Mantle Refractor #98/500--I'm just as tired of Mickey as most of you, but this shiny card is beautiful. If a card can be such a thing. These are inserted 1:350 according to the box.
#121 Jimmy Rollins

Pack 5

#287 Tommy Murphy--Murphy played in 68 games for the Angels in 2006-2007. Did you know there were 41 Murphys with Major League service? According to anyway. That's a lot of Murphys.

#249 Mike Lowell--It looks like the Rangers trade for Lowell is dead since he's having surgery on his thumb. Why wait until now to get the surgery and not do it the first day after your season is over. That's dumb.

SDC-GT Declaration of Independence Signer George Taylor--Taylor was an Ironmaster and provided munitions to the Continental Army. He was a replacement to the Continental Congress after 5 Pennsylvania reps were forced to resign. Did you know 6 of the 56 signers were named George? I didn't either.

#98 Jorge Cantu
I got an Angel and a Devil in the same pack.

Pack 6

#228 Scott Kazmir--back to back Devil Rays

#211 Miguel Tejada

#141 Chris Capuano XFractor
#205 Joe Crede

Pack 7

#245 Nick Swisher
#228 Scott Kazmir Refractor--three Rays in three packs.

MHRC60--Mickey Mantle #60
#18 Jorge Posada

Pack 8

#281 Kelly Shoppach
#31 Tom Glavine
#162 Reggie Sanders Blue Refractor (1:8) That blue looks really nice on a Royalls card. I'll bet those Royals cards all looked good in Blue. Dodgers too.
#85 Jack Wilson
Only one Ranger and a couple of Refractors/XFractors, but these are nice. At just about $1.20 a pack after taxes, I'd buy some more of these.