Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Fowl Trade--Rangers from New York

Normally when I think of the Texas Rangers and New York, I remember the whoopin' the Yankees put on the Rangers in the playoffs back in the 1990s. I can't believe it has been that long, but it has. As usual, I digress. This post is not about a bad memory, but rather a package that graced my mailbox courtesy of the Night Owl. The Owl, as if you didn't know already, has too much to offer to have only one blog. You can see his fine work here and here. His blood runs Dodger Blue and so does his team/player collection. When I win the lottery, I'm going to get him that '73 Topps Cey/Schmidt/Hilton card he wants so bad. I would hate for him to have his wife, daughter AND dog mad at him. See, I told you, I digress. Way back on September 14th, the kind Owl went all the way to the post office and these are a few of the cards he sent my way.

The first thing I noticed was a small group of cards with what I could only hope was a few 2009 A&G minis. Lo and behold there were a few Rangers minis in there, including a black bordered Kevin Millwood. But the package also had two Texas Rangers tattoos. Toby Harrah and Larry Parrish. If you look closely at their faces, I think they're having different kinds of days. I've never seen anything like these before and don't think I didn't want to put one of these on each bicep and start flexin'. I fought off that temptation and saved loads of embarassement all around. Very cool oddball stuff. Thanks Night Owl!

Included along with the cards was a 2009 A&G Nelson Cruz code card. I'm undecided whether I want all the code cards, but I did need the one with Nelly on it.

That wasn't the only Nelson Cruz in the package. My favorite was the 2009 Topps Chrome WBC refractor #196/199. Along with many others, I love shininess and this is a nice card.

There were a couple of the 2006 Topps Turkey Red cards. I think I've gotten a few other cards from that set in trades, but I was out of the hobby in 2006 and never busted any of these myself.

There were a number of other Rangers in the package, but another want I wanted to scan ( ok, I know you didn't think these were scanned...sorry stinkin' pictures) was this 1993 Stadium Club Nolan Ryan. Look at that, throwin' smoke at the age of 45!

Thanks Night Owl!! I appreciate every single card and I'm sorry it took so long to get it posted. I know I have another package or two from you to post!


  1. Sept. 14th, huh? You know more about what I did that day than I do.

  2. I have an Ozzie one of those tattoo things...I may have gotten it from the same person - it's so awesome!

  3. Owl, that's the beauty of the postmark. That's why all my trades are still in the packages they came in until I can get them posted. Thanks again!

  4. I am absolutely NO good at that whole code thingy! And since I don't buy much Ginter, probably never will be!!

  5. I'm beginning to regret this... I'm in...