Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day--Friends Remembered

I want to say thank you to all those currently serving in the military and those who have served in the past. Whether you saw combat or served stateside, you deserve a big pat on the back, a handshake and a hug for your service. Few things are as selfless as serving in the military and to the ones who make that commitment, I salute you. For all those who made the ultimate sacrifice, I can only say a whispered thank you as I hold back tears. You should never be forgotten. To all of my shipmates from the USS William H. Bates (SSN 680) who I so proudly remember, I hope your lives have been as fulfilling and happy as possible. You deserve it. To Brian R. who didn't make it home, I say you are still missed. To my brother Matt who has served 3 tours in Iraq and will soon make it 4, I stand in awe of you and the others who repeatedly stand in harm's way. THANK YOU!

William H. Bates (SSN 680)


  1. Thank you for your service, Brian.

  2. yes, a second thank you for your service as well as your (friend's) sacrifice!

  3. Richard, give up already... if you commented on every post, I swear we're going to have words... as in, I will challenge you at Words With Friends.