Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trading Issues

First Day Issues that is. Back in late September, Bud from First Day Issue agreed upon a trade. I sent him Mariners stuff with a few Griffey Jrs thrown in for good measure. He sent me a good stack of Rangers for the collection. Here are some of my favorites from my end of the trade.

I thought I would get Big Teixeira out of the way first. I'm really posting this only because of the "newsworthiness" of the card. That pointy building on the left, with the red lights on top, is called Fountain Place. I worked in that building for about 12 years. That is the building Sam Smadi parked a fake car bomb under back on September 24th just before he was arrested by the FBI. Thank God they were on to him.

Here is a nice 2007 Allen & Ginter Ian Kinsler. I only have a couple of A&G from 2007 so this is a good one.

Here we have a nice 2002 Stadium Club Emmitt Smith and a 2009 Topps FB Abner Haynes, who happens to be in a Dallas Texans uniform. I have included a few Seahawks and/or Sonics cards with each trade and Bud was returning the favor. I thought I was being clever until Bud let me know he actually likes the Titans and Packers. Sorry about those Seahawks cards!!
I don't think I have any of these 2005 Topps Cracker Jack cards and this is a nice one of Ian Kinlser. A sweet-swinging 2005 UD Electric Diamond Will Clark. You can't go wrong sending me Will Clark cards.2007 Upper Deck Nelson Cruz. Nelson had a good year for the Rangers in 2009. Imagine how good he would be if he used a full sized bat!

Babe Ruth's called shot wasn't captured like this! Michael Young calls his shot AFTER he crosses the plate on this 2008 Upper Deck Team Checklist. Way to go Michael.

What can you say abou this one. This 1992 Upper Deck Latin Stars card should have been a box topper. I'm not sure how you get all 4 of those PED heads on one regular sized card. Pudge Rodriguez is one of my favorite Rangers, but he was implicated by Jose Canseco in his book Juiced. Everyone thought Jose was being petty and vindictive when that book was released. He might have been those things, but it looks like a lot of what he said has proven true.

1983 Topps Team Leaders Buddy Bell/Charlie Hough. Any cards from 1981-1985 immediately transport me back to my childhood.

Man, this is one shiny card. This is a 2009 Topps Red Hot Rookies Chris Davis. I don't remember seeing these so maybe it is a hobby exclusive insert. I don't think they'll make a Red Hot Sophomore Season card for Chris.

1976 Topps Toby Harrah. Toby was one of the most popular of the early Rangers. He played in the majors for 17 years, 9 with the Rangers and 2 with the Senators. This is one more I can check off my needs list...if I had a needs list.

Relic time! In typical Relic fashion this 2005 UD MVP Alfonso Soriano jersey card features him in a Rangers uni and says the jersey was worn in a Yankees game. I still like it.

Very nice! A 2003 Fleer Platinum Portraits jersey card for Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez. This is a definite keeper! Thanks so much Bud for the great cards. I've got other packages from you to post soon.


  1. Glad you liked the cards Brian. I think those Red Hot Rookies were a hobby-only redemption program. I really like the look of the cards, and I hope that one day a Mariner can attain the label of "Red Hot Rookie". Sure is an interesting back story on that Teixeria card, I always enjoyed Studio. Looking forward to more trades soon.

  2. I love those Red Hot Rookies cards. They just look amazing.

    That Toby Harrah card reminds me of his signature. He is one of those players whose signature changed dramatically at some point. If you look at the T in his autos, they used to look like the letter Z.

    Now they are crisp, traditional T's. I think he changed it in the late 70's or early 80's. Not sure.

    I know this is a bizarre observation. Ha ha. It just fascinates me when players alter their signature deliberately.