Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trading with Ryans Memorabilia

How far behind am I you ask? This one is from August 21st. That's right, I'm still trying to get caught up with these trade posts. The great thing about waiting so long to post these is when I go to take pictures for the post, it is almost like getting the trade all over again. I dig into the package again and I'm surprised by what's inside. These cards came courtesy of Ryans Memorabilia. He posted a box break of 2009 UDX in early August and I saw a Josh Hamilton I wanted so we set up a trade. I sent him this and he sent me this:

Here we have the starting point for the trade. Mike sent over the 2009 UDX Josh Hamiltons X2, X3 and X4. I wasn't a big fan of the set, but I like having the Rangers from any set.

A couple more cards fromt he 2009 UDX were included and appreciated. The die-cut version of Derek Holland and X version of Ian Kinsler. I hope Holland can be the pitcher the Rangers hope he can be...and that he continues to be a Ranger. Kinsler could be a really great player in the long run. He's streaky, but I really like him.

Mike included this on-card auto of Anthony Telford. I don't remember Telford as a Ranger because I was in the military when he made his swing through Texas and missed him. He pitched his last season in the majors for the Rangers in 2002. He appeared in 20 games and went 2-1 with 1 save and an ERA of 6.47. According to the great big old internet, he was a pitching coach and a pitcher with the Aiken Foxhounds of the South Coast League as late as 2007.

I love this 2007 Upper Deck Ian Kinsler. I like the stirrups pulled up high like that. That's how we did it in Little League back in the day. I think it makes the players look like they are running faster. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, gave me the illusion of speed.

Now for my two favorite cards from the trade. One is this 1998 Stadium Club Will Clark. The Thrill is my all-time favorite player and any addition to the WC collection is great. I loved watching him hit and he played hard all the time. I was fortunate to see him play many times during his 5 years with the Rangers.

This 1998 Stadium Club may be my favorite Rusty Greer card of them all. If you look closely, you can see the ball at the top of card on the head of the person in the yellow shirt. Rusty is one of my all-time favorite players and should be on my player collection list.

Last, but certainly not least, were the 52 2009 A&G cards from my list and an extra 70 Rangers cards. Thanks for a great trade Mike. I'll get those others posted asap!