Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Lame Hits from Stats on the Back

Back in August, Mark over at Stats-on-the-Back listed some Lame Hits for trade. I've already posted about some of the cards I claimed. Of course, Mark kept posting more hits so we ended up with two trades. What do you say we start basic and work our way up? Or should that be down?

What we have here is one of the few 2006 Allen & Ginter cards in my collection. Simple, clean and the card stock just feels good.

Another card from a set where I never busted a pack. This 2005 Topps Turkey Red David Dellucci will fill a nice spot in a binder...and lead to me to investigate which other cards I need from the set.

This is the way to do a checklist card. This 1991 Fleer Ultra Checklist No. 400 has The Ryan Express hiding in the background on both sides. Sure, it's not a vintage beauty from the 1970s, highlighted here by Night Owl, but it has a bona fide Hall of Famer on it.

I love getting cards that were issued before I started collecting. I started in 1981, so anything like this 1980 Topps Buddy Bell and earlier is very nice. Thanks to this card, I now know that Buddy Bell's first big league homerun was a grandslam on 4/22/72.

This is a nice, "not boring white swatch" 2007 Topps Turkey Red Hank Blalock blue jersey card. I like Hank. I hope he continues to do well whether he's a Ranger or not. Hank is a good strong baseball name.

The observant among you will note this is not a Texas Ranger card. However, I must defend myself for wanting it because it IS Marlon Byrd, who did a nice job for the Rangers. I also get that it's a sticker auto....a serious no-no, especially if it doesn't fit into the design of the card. I seriously question the placement of this sticker. It is in a recessed window, but they had to cut out a portion of the "frame" to wedge it in there. All that said, I still like having it. It's a Diamond King auto, my first, and #60/100. I prefer autos to bat cards because they get so MANY stinkin' bat slivers out of one bat. They only get one auto out of an auto, sticker or hard signed. That doesn't mean I wouldn't like a bat card from the Babe or Ty or Lou or...on and on.

Mark, thanks so much for posting what you considered Lame Hits. Another man's lame is another man's...well, that just sounds wrong, but you know what I mean. If you ever feel like posting more of them, I'll be watching.


  1. I've always liked Hank too. That being said, don't been surprised if you see some of him coming your way soon. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Brian, the Cowboys did their part to help.

  2. It's weird to me that people weren't collecting in 1980.