Thursday, November 26, 2009

When the Saints Come Marching In

We're not talking Drew Brees and Marques Colston. No, we're talking trade goodies from Saints of the Cheap Seats. Dan and I pulled off this trade back in early September. He sent me a shiny filled pack of goodies. Let's have a look, shall we.
It's not shiny, but let's start with 2008 Goudey. Dan knocked off about 10 of my wantlist needs including this nifty Bo Jackson. I guess it's true what they say "Dan knows Bo".

R.A. Dickey is one of those guys the Rangers had high hopes for and he just never panned out. He did win 16 games for them over 5 seasons and pitched in 35 games for the Twins in 2009.

Thomas Diamond was the Rangers 1st round pick (10th overall) in 2004 and was rated the top prospect in the Rangers organization by Baseball America that same year. He was frequently mentioned in trade talks as a piece other teams wanted, but the Rangers always said no. He missed all of 2007 after having Tommy John surgery. He NEVER pitched an inning at the big league level with the Rangers and according to a press release, was claimed off waivers in September of 2009 by the Cubbies.

This is a nice piece of shininess from 2007. Chris Davis needs to do SOMETHING in the off-season to cut down on the strikeouts. I do like his potential so we'll see what he does in 2010.
There were almost 20 other Chrome cards in the pack, every single one new to my collection.

2005 Upper Deck ESPN Michael Young. Dan included a couple of these from another set I never saw. I need to put a checklist together for Mr. Young and see what other kind of goodies are out there that I haven't seen before.

2000 Fleer Ultra Tom Goodwin. Tom stole a few bases in his career. He didn't always take them home, which he appears to be doing in this photo. I liked Tom when he was with the Rangers. He didn't have any power, didn't knock in a lot of runs, but he could scoot and stole bases, scored runs and could run some balls down in the outfield.

For some reason, this 1992 Jimmy Dean unlicensed Juan Gonzalez card makes me hungry. For breakfast. I think IHOP is open.

This is my favorite card from the package. I didn't have this 2007 Bowman Ian Kinsler and now I do.
Dan, thanks for the trade and I look forward to more deals with the Saint.


  1. Where is your wantlist? Since I'm getting you back I could probably knock off a few cards. Drew

  2. Goudey is another product I don't care much for...

  3. Ah, Chris Davis. Whatever happened to him?