Friday, November 13, 2009

Trade Post: I'll have the Nachos Grande with extra Rangers please

The date: September 10, 2009.
The place: A post office in Pennsylvania.
The man: Chris of Nachos Grande
The deed: Ok,ok get on with it right? Back in late August I contacted Chris about some cards I had for his wantlists. Some 09 A&G, 09 Heritage, a few 08 Masterpieces and 08 Goudy and a mix of various Reds cards. He had some 09 A&G minis I needed and the trade was on.

When the box arrived in the mail, it was like an early Christmas.

Inside the package were 28 different 2009 A&G minis, including 3 of the black bordered variety. Minis are much appreciated Chris!

We also have a handful of 1983-1985 Topps Rangers. These will help complete those 80's team sets. I should really get create some wantlists.

Chris also included nearly 50 other Rangers cards from 1987-2009.

Thanks Chris and I'll get our other trades posted soon.


  1. gotta love those black bordered minis!!

  2. I love all the mini's... I don't discriminate like Richard does...